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Midleton FC Cork
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Under 11A 2013/14

Manager - Mark O'Reardon (087) 8044367


17th Apr Non-Competitive League Away Kilreen Celtic
6th Apr Non-Competitive League Home Corinthians A
30th Mar Non-Competitive League Away Lakewood Athletic A
23rd Mar Non-Competitive League Home Carrigtwohill United
16th Mar Non-Competitive League Home

St Mary's A

23rd Feb Non-Competitive League Home Buttevant A
8th Dec Non-Competitive League Home Blarney United
24th Nov Non-Competitive League Away Avondale United
16th Nov Non-Competitive League Home Carrigtwohill United
9th Nov Non-Competitive League Away Corinthians A
26th Sept Non-Competitive League Away Riverstown A
22nd Sept Non-Competitive League Away Grenagh


Under 11A 2013/14 Match Reports

Non-Competitive League away to Kilreen Celtic on Thursday 17th April 2014
The first evening game of the year played away against a good Kilreen Celtic side. During this match we put in a good battling performance with each member of the team putting in a great effort by making well timed tackles, making passes and finding space. Our defence were working tirelessly  and limited Kilreen in their forward play. Kilreen were playing some good football trying to thread balls through to their forward line but Phelim and Seá¡n, the centre back pairing, were equal to the task. We had a few chances to score in the second half and on one particular occasion Colin had a shot the just fizzed past the post. It was a good display from our team against a good footballing side.

Man of the Match: Sea¡n O'Riordan. He marshalled his defence well.
Team - Jason Gray, Rory Hartnett, Phelim Magan, Seá¡n O'Riordan, Chris O'Riordan, Keilan O'Leary, Ben Lowen, Colin Sunderland, Alex Roe, Cairmhac Symth, Keith Cleary.


Non-Competitive League at home to Corinthians A on Sunday 6th April 2014
Best game of the season at home to Corinthians A. This game had intricate passages of play with the opposition trying to play in balls, to use the pace of their forwards to great effect. It was great to see players looking up to try to find their player. Luke and Conan were doing just that as they broke forward time and again to try to unlock the defence. We did not find an opening in the first half but in the second half we looked more purposeful and had a good share of the possession. With the pressure we were exerting we forced a number of corners and in quick succession we scored from two corners. Keith scored one and Colin the other. It was an enjoyable game to watch with plenty of effort and skill.

Man of the Match - Rory Hartnett. He was rock solid in defence nothing got past him.
Team - Jason Gray, Rory Hartnett, Phelim Magan, Sea¡n O'Riordan, Chris O'Riordan, Keilan O'Leary, Ben Lowen, Colin Sunderland, Conan Hickey, Luke Hourigan, Jack O'Regan, Keith Cleary.


Non-Competitive League away to Lakewood Athletic A on Sunday 30th March 2014
A dinger of a game away to a well drilled Lakewood A team. From the whistle you could sense that the opposition meant business with the way they approached the game with slick passing and good running off the ball. Our midfield coped well with Lakewood's expansive play and the bigger pitch and goals but nearing the end of the half our players were tiring and Seá¡n had to perform a lot of rear-guard action. The pattern was the same early in the second half. We did have our forays into the opposition half that their defence dealt with. Then like turning on a switch our play became sharper and we started to dominate the last twenty minutes of the match and in those minutes we played some fantastic football and had plenty of opportunities and scored 4 great goals. Fintan started the goal glut with a well taken strike, then Jack raced onto a pass to slot home. Keith scored before Conan rounded off the scoring. It was a good performance from the whole team.

Man of the Match - Fintan Greenwood for his never say die attitude. 
Team - Jason Gray, Keilan O'Leary, Phelim Magan, James Condon, Colin Sunderland, Fintan Greenwood, Conan Hickey, Sea¡n O'Riordan, Cairmhac Symth, Jack O'Regan, Keith Cleary.


Non-Competitive League at home to Carrigtwohill United on Sunday 23rd March 2014
Another exciting end to end game at home to Carrigtwohill. There wasn't a moment to pause and take breath in this action packed end to end match with goal mouth incidents being the predominant feature. What one team could do the other tried to do it better which ended up with forwards dominating defences. Conan was a thorn in the side of the Carrigtwohill defence all day and with his persistence and determination. This type of endeavour culminated in us scoring a flurry of goals. First Conan scored followed by Kamil, Keith and Jack.

Man of the Match - Conan Hickey for his great forward play. 
Team - Jason Gray, Rory Hartnett, Phelim Magan, Chris O'Riordan, Kamil Michalak, Colin Sunderland, Fintan Greenwood, Conan Hickey, Seá¡n O'Riordan, Luke Hourigan, Jack O'Regan, Keith Cleary.


Non-Competitive League at home to St Mary's A on Sunday 16th March 2014
A good game played with a high tempo from both sides. There was nothing to separate these two evenly matched teams. There was some good football on view with great passages of play. We passed and probed to find openings in the St. Mary's defence but they were rock solid. We too were solid in our defending with Seá¡n putting in a great performance for his debut appearance in the centre of defence. Our pressure final paid off when Fintan was fouled inside the box as he was about to pull the trigger. Seá¡n Strode up from defence and confidently stroked home the penalty.

Man of the Match - Seá¡n O'Riordan for his composure in defence.
Team - Jason Gray, Rory Hartnett, Phelim Magan, Ruben Fashola, Ben Lowen, Colin Sunderland, Fintan Greenwood, Conan Hickey, Seá¡n O'Riordan, Cairmhac Symth, Luke Hourigan, Jack O'Regan, Keith Cleary.


Non-Competitive League at home to Buttevant A on Sunday 23rd Febraury 2014
This was our first match of the new year in which we played a strong Buttevant team at home. There was no doubting the quality of this Buttevant side, they were excellent at passing and finding space and on many occasions they had us on the back foot. Kelly was superb in goal and time and again he blocked and saved what seemed to be certain goals. We worked tirelessly and with determination to win the ball and eventually we got a foothold in the game and we started to look dangerous in attack. We improved as the game worn on and we were winning corners from the pressure we put on in attack. From one such corner which was expertly delivered into the box by Seá¡n, Colin was able to get his foot to the ball and guide it into the net for a well deserved goal.

Man of the Match - Cairmhac for his endeavour around the middle of the pitch.
Team - Kelly Abdullah, Phelim Magan,  Colin Sunderland, James Condon, Fintan Greenwood, Conan Hickey, Sea¡n O'Riordan, Cairmhac Symth, Keith Cleary, Fawaz Bakinson.


Non-Competitive League at home to Blarney United on Sunday 8th December 2013
This was the last game of the year against Blarney at home. Blarney played with skill and intensity and had our defence on their toes. The game was being played at a fast pace with the great passing moves from both sides. In the early stages of the match Blarney had the majority of the chances but great work was being done in midfield by Cairmhac and Fintan to gain possession and counter with attacks of our own. The game ebbed and flowed and we gained dominance in the period before and after half time. In this period we were purposeful and strong with Conan grabbing an excellently worked goal and then a wonderful strike from outside the box from Fintan. To Blarney's credit they finished the game very strongly. This was an entertaining game to watch with a lot of skill on display.

Man of the Match - Cairmhac for his tireless work and control in midfield.
Team - Jason Gray, James Condon, Phelim Magan, Ruben Fashola, Colin Sunderland, Chris O'Riordan, Fintan Greenwood, Conan Hickey, Sea¡n O'Riordan, Cairmhac Symth, Kamil Michalak, Fawaz Bakinson, Dawid Hefkaluk.


Non-Competitive League away to Avondale United on Sunday 24th November 2013
Today's match was away to Avondale. This match was dominated by the defences from both teams so much so that there were very few chances created in this game. The concentration levels were high in this match with no mistakes being made by our defence or midfield. We coped expertly with any corners or any attacking play that Avondale had. We had our chances up front with Jack making some darting runs and Fintan hit a screamer which just went to the wrong side of the post. We were composed in defence with Phelim standing out making timely tackles when the need arose.

Man of the match - Phelim for his composure in defence.
Team - Kelly Abdullah, Ben Lowen, Ruben Fashola, Phelim Magan , Chris O'Riordan, Fintan Greenwood, Seá¡n O'Riordan, Keith Cleary, Kamil Michalak, Jack O'Regan, Boris Paseniuk, Roan Spillane.


Non-Competitive League at home to Carrigtwohill United on Saturday 16th November 2013
This was our first home game and a very close encounter it was too. The game was played with great spirit from both sides with end to end football being the order of the day. Both teams were intent on attack right from the off. Carrigtwohill had the greater of the chances but Jason and the defence did well to combat any threat on goal. In midfield Seá¡n and Cairmhac were creating space and putting in some great passes for the forwards to move on to. In one such move in the second half Fawaz and Conan teamed up for Fawaz to score a brilliant goal. This was an exciting match played by two eager and evenly matched sides.

Man of the match today was Cairmhac for his control in midfield. 
Team -  Jason Gray, Alex Roe, Keilan O'Leary, Colin Sunderland, Chris O'Riordan, Fintan Greenwood, Conan Hickey, Seá¡n O'Riordan, Cairmhac Symth, Fawaz Bakinson, Luke Hourigan, Jack O'Regan, James Condon, Keith Cleary.


Non-Competitive League away to Corinthians A on Saturday 9th November 2013
We had another away match this time against a very strong Corinthians A side. It was a wet and miserable afternoon for a match but the team put in a good effort against a fast passing side. We came under pressure from corners on a number of occasions and the defence had to deal with many attacks. Chris worked his heart out on the left side of defence with good tackling to stop the attacking momentum. Connor played well up front holding up the ball and linking with the midfielders. In the heart of midfield Seá¡n and Cairmhac were working tirelessly and from this Seá¡n broke up play from inside his own 18 yard box and powered passed the Corinthians defence to bundle the ball over the line for a great individual effort.

Man of the Match was Seá¡n O'Riordan for his work rate in midfield and his storming goal.
Team - Jason Gray, Ben Lowen, Phelim Magan, Colin Sunderland , Chris O'Riordan, Keith Cleary, Sea¡n O'Riordan, Cairmhac Symth , Kamil Michalak, Luke Hourigan, Connor Clarke, Boris Paseniuk, Dawid Hefkaluk.


Non-Competitive League away to Riverstown A on Sunday 29th September 2013
This was a very competitive away match. This is the first time we played on a full size pitch using the full size goals and we played well. The first half was a very even contest but there were not many chances to score for either side. In the second half the game began to open up and Riverstown began to dominate. Jason came to the rescue a few times with some fine saves and Ben was playing well at the back. Into the final quarter of the game and we began to get a grip of midfield with Sea¡n, Cairmhac and Kamil dominating. A lovely through ball from midfield was dispatched into the net by Colin for our first goal of the season, shortly after Fintan produced a mazy run into the box with the ball and was upended for a penalty which was expertly slotted home by Conan. This was a good fighting display by the boys who showed great fighting spirit.

Man of the Match was Ben Lowen for his tackling and concentration in defence.
Team - Jason Gray, Ben Lowen, Alex Roe, Colin Sunderland, Chris O'Riordan, Fintan Greenwood, Conan Hickey, Sea¡n O'Riordan, Cairmhac Symth, Kamil Michalak, Luke Hourigan, Jack O'Regan, Boris Paseniuk, Dawid Hefkaluk.


Non-Competitive League away to Grenagh on Sunday 22nd September 2013
The first match of the season was away to Grenagh. The teams were evenly matched for the first 15 minutes with most of the play in and around midfield. As the game worn on Grenagh started to get on top and had some shots on goal. Our defence were making tackles and coping well with any attacks. Our goalkeeper, Jason, made some important saves from the lively Grenagh attacks. The second period started much the same as the first with our defence called into action and some great tackling in the backs particularly from Chris, Dawid and Ben. In the third period we started to attack more and we got a wholehearted display from Conan who came close on numerous occasions to scoring.

Man of the match was Conan.
Team - Jason Gray, Ben Lowen, Keilan O'Leary, Phelim Magan, Chris O'Riordan, Rory Hartnett, Conan Hickey, Seá¡n O'Riordan, Dawid Hefkaluk, Jack O'Regan, Keith Cleary, Alex Roe, Colin Sunderland and Kamil Michalak.



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