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Under 11 2010/11 Division 2
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Blarney United
Springfield Ramblers
Passage United
Kilreen Celtic


28th Aug
Won 2-1
Evan O’Meara, Adam Wilson
11th Sept
Won 2-7
A Wilson 3, C Higgins, A Nester, C Newlands, C O’Leary
16th Sept
National Cup
Springfield Ramblers
Won 2-0
Adam Wilson , Andrew Nester
26th Sept
Everton Lost 0-1 -
10th Oct
Nufarm Athletic Won 0-10  A Nester 2,  C Newlands,
 T O’Connell 2,  A Wilson,  Nufarm og,  R Sweetman,  
S O’Leary,  Evan O’Meara.
24th Oct National Cup Away Midleton A Won 0-10

M Lamb 2, A Wilson 2, H Wall,
T O’ Connell, C Higgins,
A Nestor, C O’Leary 2.

7th Nov
Springfield Ramblers Won 2-0 Adam Wilson 2
20th Nov National Cup Away Corinthians Boys A Won 0-1 Adam Wilson
11th Dec National Cup Away Lakewood Lost 4-0 -
16th Jan
Passage United Won 6-1 A Wilson 3, C O’Leary,
D Thompson, E O'Meara
29th Jan Cup Away Ballincollig A
Won 0-7
A Nestor 4, M Lamb, D Thompson, S O’Leary
27th Feb Cup Home Leeds Lost 2-3 Andrew Nestor, Adam Wilson
30th Mar
Springfield Ramblers Drew 1-1 Adam Wilson
10th Apr
Kilreen Celtic Won 5-0 Adam Wilson 2, Cormac Higgins, Andrew Nestor Ray Sweetman
26th Apr
Won 1-4
E O’Meara, A Wilson, M Lamb 2
7th May
Castleview Won 5-1 E O’Meara, A Wilson 3,
C Higgins
10th May
Kilreen Celtic Won 2-3 A Nestor 2, C O’Leary
10th May
Blarney United Drew 0-0 -
22nd May
Everton Lost 3-2 A Nestor, C Newlands
Goal Scorers
Adam Wilson
Andrew Nestor
Mathew Lamb
Evan O’Meara
Conner O’Leary
Cormac Higgins
Tommy O’Connell
Ciaran Newlands
Sean O’Leary
Dara Thompson
Ray Sweetman
Harry Wall


Under 11 2010/11 Division 2 Match Reports

League away to Everton on 22nd May
Everton 3 Midleton 2

Midleton knew going into this game that if they could get all three points it was going to be very hard for Blarney to stop them being champions. But it all went wrong from the very start, they started off the match playing against the wind [there own choice], as the game got under way Midleton found it hard to cope with the wind as Everton took advantage of it they attacked and put pressure on Midleton from the start, Midleton just could not get into the game. They where all over the place for the first 5 mins and a bad judgment in defence got Midleton caught out Everton broke from the left side to strike the ball into the net. Then in the 15 min they got a second, Midleton had a few chances themselves Adam Wilson was on goal just the keeper to beat but it just went wide and then Conner O’Leary had a chance when he rounded the keeper but struck it in to the side net but Midleton where hoping to hold up till half time but just before half time Everton got a 3rd then the whistle went for half time and it couldn’t have come sooner for Midleton.

As the second half got started Midleton got there chance to play with the wind as it definitely had a say in this game and fair play to Midleton they came out with all guns blazing. They fired everything at Everton Cormac Higgins had a shot out side the box saved by the outstanding Everton goalkeeper and Tommy O’Connell fought so hard in the midfield. The game had only started 5 mins and Andrew Nestor picked the ball up outside box on the left he drove forward with it and blasted it down low to the left side of goal 3-1. Midleton were back in the game they never gave up they pushed forward at every opportunity and this did leave the defence a bit open but they had no choice as these points where so important. So Everton had a chance or two and came close once but apart from that it was all Midleton and as they kept the pressure on it was only a matter of time and 15 mins into the 2nd half. An Everton player handled the ball in the box a penalty to Midleton and knowing how much the goal would mean to the team and all the pressure involved in taking this penalty it didn’t stop Ciaran Newlands grabbing the ball to take the penalty. He stepped up took a short run and blasted it in to the left hand corner great penalty and great goal. A couple of mins later Midleton made some changes taking off Adam Wilson who was carrying a small injury and replacing him with Evan O’Meara and then took off Higgins for Ryan Dunleavy and moved Mathew Lamb up to midfield to make a more attacking force. Midleton gave everything but there run of play kept getting stopped with players going down injured but they kept the pressure up they did everything. O’Meara had a great header inside the box from a cross how it never made the back off the net I will never know. Another great save from the Everton keeper. Now there where at least 4 or 5mins injury time that should have been played but I could not believe it when the referee blew his whistle for fulltime. I looked at my stop watch and he had blown his whistle on the 30 mins, not one second injury time could not believe it and the game stood at 3-2 leaving Midleton waiting for other results to where they will finish. At present they are still 6 points ahead but Blarney have 3 games still to play, and if Everton can win there games it can all go to a play off. The Midleton lads should be proud of themselfs, they have had a great season and most importantly they have been promoted to the first division.    

League away to Blarney United on 11th May
Blarney 0 Midleton 0

This game meant so much to both teams and it showed for the first 10mins as both teams where very nervous.
But as the game went on it started to open up and Midleton where the team that looked like scoring first as they had more chances in the first half than Blarney. The Midleton midfield where winning more of the ball in the centre and that gave Midleton more opportunity’s up front, but it just never happened. The closest they got was a shot out side the box from Cormac Higgins, who struck it well but the keeper got up well for a fine save. As halftime approached Blarney came into it a bit more, but the Midleton back line was superb. Eion Mitchell had a great first half, as did Mathew lamb and Sean O’Leary and also at right back Alan Horgan was solid. Just before halftime Adam Wilson came close when he had a shot just inside the box  but it just went wide and 0-0
it stayed for the first half.

As the 2nd half got under way Blarney started to put on the pressure and Midleton where up a against it but they kept there nerves and came back into the game. They had a few chances with balls coming down the flanks and into the box from wide players Dara Thompson and Ciaran Newlands but nothing came out of it and it was like that for the whole of the 2nd half. Both teams having their chances but both defences where solid. They really worked hard to make sure there were no slip ups from both teams and it stayed 0-0 on the day. It was definitely a fair result because both sides could have felt hard done by if it had gone  the opposite way. It was a well and hard fought game from both sides and they never held back the players where wrecked after this one, every one of them worked really hard as they knew the iImportance of this match. Sean O’Leary and Mathew Lamb where outstanding at the back.

League away to Kilreen Celtic on 10th May
Killreen Celtic 2 Midleton 3

Another tough game for Midleton as the season reaches its final games only two more to go, Midleton started the game facing down the way on a sloppy pitch so they had to get as much out of the first half as possible both teams got stuck in from the start Killreen where well up for this game they really put it up to Midleton and in the first 10 mins Midleton had to work for every ball they had and with there hard work and determination Midleton where rewarded soon after when Andrew Nestor put the ball into the net to make it 0-1 to Midleton.
From there on Midleton started to command the game Adam Wilson broke down the left side into the box put the ball across the box right to Ciaran Newlands foot he ran on struck it hard but it just went over the bar a great move. Then not long after that Wilson broke again this time through the middle straight into the box took the shot and it just went wide. Midleton kept the pressure on and 10 mins from half time they got a 2nd. This time it was Conner O’Leary on the score sheet 0-2 Midleton. It stayed that way to half time but just before halftime Midleton had to replace Sean O’Leary who got injured with Ray Sweetman.

As the 2nd half got under way Midleton got of to a fine start they pushed forward and looked like they where going to score again but then Killreen started to come back into the game As they started to take advantage of the fact that they where facing down the way and they really had Midleton all over the place. They had a couple of near chances and Alan Horgan came to the rescue at one stage and cleared one of the line but it was only a matter of time. Killreen pulled one back to make it 1-2. Midleton seem to freeze at this stage because Killreen started where they left off and kept the pressure on Midleton and 5 mins later they got a 2nd. It really didn’t look good for Midleton at this stage and with all the home crowd getting behind Killreen and pushing them on it made the game even tougher for the away lads, but fair play they did come back into the game and started to get the ball moving forward and with all the hard work and fight. 5 mins from the end they got there reward the ball breaks to Wilson who plays it to Nestor he turns on the edge of the box and shoots 2-3 to Midleton.
All season I have never saw them celebrate the way they did for that goal they knew how important it was and how hard they had to work to get it. Great game to watch.
For this match the team as whole get man of the match for there sheer fight to get back into the game.


League at home to Castleview on 7th May
Midleton 5 Castleview 1
This was Midleton’s last home game of the season and they came out strong from the start but it was a difficult
first half with a very strong wind blowing across the field making it hard for both teams but Midleton always looked the stronger team. That’s not saying Castleview didn’t have some good chances they had a few but the home side where moving the ball a lot more confident than Castleview Midleton’s midfield where very strong today with Cormac Higgins making a presence and Tommy O’Connell getting involved in everything and it was from the midfield area the first goal came a lovely ball through from Mathew lamb right to the edge of the box and Evan O’Meara ran onto it and placed it into the back of the net. 1-0 to Midleton. Not long after that Castleview made a break from the midfield and their number 8 passed at least 4 Midleton players but Sean O’Leary made a tackle inside the box. The two centre backs had a solid game today with Mathew lamb clearing some fine balls, from there on Midleton pressed on looking for a 2nd and again Ciaran Newlands had another fine game down the right hand side linking up well with Higgins and getting in some lovely balls across the box and also starting to get into the box himself at the right time Midleton had a few chances but it was only a matter of time before the 2nd one came and it was none other than top scorer Adam Wilson 2-0 Midleton.
As the 2nd half got under way Midleton kept the pressure up they made two changes one at half time Harry Wall coming off for Ray Sweetman at left back. 10mins into the game Evan O’Meara coming off for Conner O’Leary up front from there on Midleton where really on top at this stage Andrew Nestor was making some lovely runs down the left wing and linking up well with Sweetman and also O’Connell was on fire they where really playing like a team and where rewarded 15 mins into 2nd half this time Wilson picks up the ball outside the box and does what he does best runs at the keeper and lobs   It over the keepers head 3-0 Midleton. But after this Midleton took there fit of the peddle for 10 mins and let Castleview back into the game they broke from the middle into the box to make it 3-1 but Midleton got there self’s together and pressed on for the 4th this time Higgins was fouled outside the box and Midleton are rewarded with a free kick on the edge of the box Higgins takes it and it’s a beauty right into the top corner 4-1 Midleton then 5mins later Wilson picks the ball up again and heads for the goals he takes the shot and it bounces over the keeper Wilson runs past the keeper and blast it into the net a hatrick for Wilson and 5-1 to Midleton.
He has had some season and some great goals, so Midleton deserved this win with some brilliant team play and the keeper Conner O’Farrell he had a great game today never once looked out of place but for this game there’s two or three could be nominated for man of the match Mathew Lamb came close but this one goes Tommy O’Connell for sheer work rate never stopped once.    

League at away to Castleview on 26th April
Castleview 1 Midleton 4

Midleton started this game slow as they took on bottom of the table Castleview it was a scrappy game to start
With and after about 15 mins we started to see Midleton come into it a bit more making a few chances with
Adam Wilson just putting one past the post then in the 20th min. Ciaran Newlands put a lovely ball through to Evan O’Meara who ran on and placed it by the keeper to make it 0-1 a well taken goal. Castleview weren’t
going to give up that easy and 5 mins later a bad era in midfield saw Castleview break with the ball. The ball breaks into the box and as the Midleton keeper and defender go to clear the ball there is no communication between the two players and the defender ends up putting it into his own net 1-1. Castleview where delighted they didn’t look like a team at the bottom of the table.
And certainly weren’t playing like one but Midleton kept going and started to play some lovely football with some fine moves coming from the middle from Mathew Lamb and Cormac Higgins out to the wide players Andrew Nestor on the left and Newlands on the right side who was crossing in some lovely balls and then just before half time there hard work pay off. The ball comes to Wilson in the box and he does what he has been doing all season slots it into the back off the net 1-2.

As the 2nd half got under way Midleton started to take control of the game they where looking solid at the back with another fine performance from there captain Sean O’Leary also at the back. Harry Wall looked comfortable on the ball as he move the ball forward as the game went on Midleton pressed for a 3rd and 10 mins into the 2nd half Lamb scores a beauty from outside the box right into the top corner what a goal 1-3 at that stage Midleton made a change bringing on Alan Horgan for Cian Murray and taking of Nestor who picked up an injury during the game and replacing him with Ray Sweetman  as the subs settle into the game Midleton kept the pressure on and  10 mins before the end Lamb gets a 2nd goal another shot from outside the box but this time it takes a deflection and still makes the back of the net 1-4.
Midleton make another substitute this time Ryan Dunleavy for Cormac Higgins in the midfield and he done a great job in a position that he does not normally play and then Wilson was replaced for Conner O’Leary this was a great result for Midleton. As the season is nearly coming to an end with 4 games left to play, there where some fine performances out there today Newlands played a cracker and Wilson looked sharp and worked hard up front and O’Meara worked hard on and off the ball but for sheer effort and determination for a boy who hasn’t always been in the starting line up the man of the match must go to Harry Wall.


League at home to Killreen Celtic on 10th April
Midleton 5 Killreen Celtic 0

This was a lovely day for the spectators the hottest day of the year so far but it was one hell of a tough day
For the 22 players on the pitch and that showed when the ref stopped the game in the second half to give the young lads a 5 min break, but it was a great game to watch.
Midleton started the game very strong they put it up to Killreen right from the start they where moving the ball with a nice bit of confidence about them but still they knew they had to be on there game and tight at the back as they knew how good Killreen are at scoring goals. As the game went on Midleton won the ball in the middle of the park the ball was played out to the left Adam Wilson picked it up a drove in to the box he charged towards goals and the defence where left watching as he slotted it home to add another one to his top goal tally a great finish. As the game went on Killreen had a couple of breaks but the back four where solid Alan Horgan on the right and Owen Mitchell on the left and in the middle Sean O’Leary and Mathew Lamb played a stormer. Midleton kept the pressure on as the kept breaking away spreading balls from the midfield out to the wings and a lot of the ball was coming down the right side and Ciaran Newlands was putting some great balls in to the box and the 5 mins before half time a ball was cleared out the Killreen box and out side the box Cormac Higgins was there to take the shot he hit the ball high into the top of the net the keeper had no chance. Midleton where 2-0 up a good first half performance from the home side.

As the second half got under way Midleton picked up where they left off winning the ball in the midfield Tommy O’Connell was on fire. He was winning every ball that was coming near him and Higgins never stopped working neither. Midleton kept the pressure on looking for a 3rd goal and 5 mins into the game Newlands put the ball through to Evan O’Meara he took the shot but it just went wide. He had a couple like that but they just wouldn’t come of for the lad. Then 10 mins into the 2nd half Midleton got a corner Lamb stepped up to take it as he did for all the other corners on the day he drove some great corners into the box every time but no one was connecting with any of them. Until this corner and a name that is popping up on the goal sheet quite a lot lately Andrew Nestor was there right on the goal line to make it 3-0. From there on it was all Midleton, 5 mins later Newlands picked the ball up on the right side slip the ball through to Wilson who ran on with only the keeper to
beat and slotted it home to make it 4-0.
At this stage Midleton started to make changes bringing on all there subs and they where not long on and two of them where involved in the last goal and probably the best goal of the match Harry wall picks up the ball on the left hand side and plays a lovely ball through to Lamb and runs on then Lamb plays it back to Wall he then runs down the left crosses it into the box and Ray Sweetman is there to make it 5-0.
This was a great performance from Midleton, they are the first team to stop Killreen scoring in the league. There where some great performances out there today Mathew lamb and Sean O’Leary where outstanding Adam Wilson had a great game as did Ciaran Newlands but the man of the match has to go to Tommy O’Connell who played his heart out and I think is starting to do what is asked of him. Well done Tommy and well done Midleton.

League away to Springfield Ramblers on Wednesday 30th March
Midleton 1 Springfield Ramblers 1
A tough night for Midleton as they went to Springfield looking for three points to take advantage of other teams at the top of div 2 who had slip up the last time out. They took to a very poor pitch as the game started, both teams came out strong but Midleton had most of the ball in the first half.  As Cormac Higgins and Tommy O’Connell commanded the midfield as there were some strong tackles going in from both sides, a lot of the ball was coming down the right side of the pitch for Midleton.  With Ciaran Newlands making some good runs and crosses into the box and linking up with the strikers. As the first half went on Springfield started to come into the game a bit more as up until then the Midleton back four had not had much to do and then 5 mins before half time Midleton lose the ball in the midfield and get caught on the break. Springfield make the break through the middle of the park and take their chance well and go 1-0 up. Midleton have lost to many goals from this part of play and it’s something that will have to be addressed quicker than later.

As the second have got under way Midleton dug in hard for a equaliser with Andrew Nester on the left making some fine runs and getting some balls into the middle of the box. You could see that the Midleton players were trying to get balls through to strikers Adam Wilson and Conner O’Leary but the Springfield defence was hard to break. Midleton kept it tight at the back in the 2nd half with Sean O’Leary and Owen Mitchell making some great clearances from the back. As the game went on Newlands put a ball through to Wilson who made a break for it as he went forward he took the shot but it just went passed the post. You could see Midleton where getting closer and then 15 mins into the second half the ball was put through to Wilson from a break and with his speed it wasn’t long before he had only the keeper to beat. He took on the keeper and as he rounded the keeper, the keeper try to pull him down but he managed to stay on his feet and run on to put the ball in the back off the net.
Great goal and 1-1 it stayed that way to the end, this was probably the scrappiest game Midleton played this season there was just not that much football at all.
As for man of the match there was no one really stood out, it was just a gutsy team performance.Conner O’Farrell did very well in goal but if I am being pushed for a man of the match Owen Mitchell gets this one he done everything he was asked of and a bit more.      

Local Cup home to Leeds on 27th February
Midleton 2 Leeds 3
Midleton started off this game strong they had most of the ball and 10 mins into the first half they where rewarded with a move from the right side. Ciaran Newlands played the ball through to Adam Wilson who ran down the line and crossed it into Andrew Nestor who blasted it into the back of the net to put Midleton 1-0 up, the home side where on top all through the first half till 5mins before half time Leeds got a free kick outside the centre of the box. Leeds took the free kick right into the box and there striker got his head to it to make it 1-1.
Midleton had there chance to go a head again when Nestor scored again but was denied with offside.

As both teams came out for the second half Midleton seemed to leave something behind they definitely weren’t
the seem team as the first half. The first 5mins it was all Leeds who had position and 2mins later Leeds got the
ball from a clearance from outside the box, took a shot to lob the keeper and it was 2-1. As the game went on
Midleton made a couple of changes bringing on Evan O’Meara for Conner O’Leary up front and taking off Tommy O’Connell. Bringing on Cian Murray to centre back and pushing up Sean O’Leary to midfield. As the game went on Midleton started to come back into it. Then bad defending from Midleton caused them to lose a 3rd goal. There was still 15mins left and its got to be said that Midleton never gave up. They started to realise they where in trouble and played there hearts out for the last 15mins putting Leeds under pressure. They had a clear penalty denied when a Leeds player handled it in the box. Then Wilson pulled one back to make it 2-3 but in the end it was just to late, man of the match goes to Sean O’Leary for his all round play. 

Local Cup away to Ballincollig A on Sat 29th January
Ballincollig A 0 Midleton 7

Midleton travelled to Ballincollig on a very frosty morning not knowing if this game would go a head. When they got to Ballincollig’s impressive new ground, referee and coaches inspected the pitch and they where all happy for the game to go ahead. It started off a tight game for both sides before Midleton got started and 10mins into the game Mathew Lamb broke through the home side's defence. At the edge of the box he saw an eye for goal and took the shot. It past through two defenders and the keeper into the back of the net. Then as the game went on Midleton attacked more and on the 18th min Dara Thompson made it two with a shot into the left side corner of the net. The game was still not over yet as Ballincollig showed with a couple of attacks before halftime.
When Midleton came back on in the 2nd half they had made four changes bring on Ciaran Newlands, Adam Wilson, Andrew Nestor and Sean O’Leary. Midleton definitely stepped up a mark as the goals just kept coming. They started to move the ball about with some great runs from Wilson and some lovely passing movement from Newlands set up Nestor for his first of four goals and Sean O’Leary who scored from outside the box. This was another impressive performance from Midleton. The back four where solid with Ryan Dunleavy, Alan Horgan, Cian Murray and Lamb who had another great game before he was taken off to be replaced with Owen Mitchell.
As it came to the end it was hard to pick a man of the match for the Midleton boys as there where so many changes made in this game but when u get a player who scores four goals in the 2nd half you got to hand it to him. But there is one thing I’m sure of is that the score did not reflect the way Ballincollig played they never gave up and at times played some fantastic football I’m sure there luck will change soon.     

League vs Passage United, Knockgriffin, Sunday Jan 16th
Midleton 6 Passage United 1
After a long break between matches due to the bad weather and the Christmas break the hunger to play was there to be seen from a fresh attacking Midleton side. Right from the start they played fast attacking football, the passing and two touch football from the Midleton boys was great to watch and they were rewarded 10 mins into the game with a goal from none other than that boy top scorer Adam Wilson. As the game went on Midleton kept the pressure on with the ball coming down both wings. Some great crosses coming in from Andrew Nestor on the left and Ciaran Newlands on the right and in midfield you had Evan O’Meara breaking through the middle and linking up with the two strikers and Sean O’Leary who worked so hard commanding the midfield. As the game went on 10 mins before half time Midleton got a 2nd when O’Meara broke through with only the keeper to beat he took his strike well.
In the 2nd half Passage never gave up but Midleton’s back line where just too strong on the day with Mathew Lamb solid at the back as always and Cian Murray and Harry Wall keeping things tight at the back. Midleton pressed on and 3mins into the game Wilson scored his 2nd. He picked the ball up outside the box and made a run coming down the right side of the goal and hammered it into the back of the net. After that it was all but over for Passage as Midleton where on fire at this stage. 5 mins later Newlands got the ball down the right hand side, made a break towards the box and slipped a lovely ball through to Conner O’Leary who ran onto it and slotted it into the net to make it four. Midleton where not finished yet when Wilson who played a blinder today got his reward when he scored his 3rd to make it 5. Midleton at this stage made a few changes bringing on all there subs in the last 15 mins. Credit to Passage who never gave up got a break through the middle
10mins to go and put the ball in the back of the net. Then 5mins later Dara Thompson scored a cracker to make it six. All together a great performance from Midleton.
There was at least two or three who could be picked for man of the mach. Sean O’Leary had a great game and Adam Wilson who got a hatrick was outstanding but for this match its got to go to Ciaran Newlands who worked hard all through the game up and down the right side putting through some great balls and sending some perfect crosses into the box and also had his hand in setting up a couple of the goals.

National Cup away to Lakewood on Sat 11th December
Lakewood Athletic 4 Midleton 0  

This match was a disaster for Midleton before a ball was even kicked, they had to give up there home advantage because there home pitch was recommended not playable.
The match itself started off great for Midleton they attacked from the start off the match with some great chances not long into the match Adam Wilson had a clear run at goal ran the ball in with great composure but when he took the shot it just went wide. Conner O’Leary had another good chance and the keeper made a fine save. This was Midleton all through the first half then 8 mins before half time a ball came across goals from the right side Owen Mitchell just missed it and Ciaran Newlands made contact with the ball but it sliced of his foot and went wide. They just couldn’t get that bit of luck then just before half time.
Lakewood got a break and took there chance well to go one up before halftime. Midleton where still in the game at this stage they still look the stronger team.  

Both teams came back out at half time with Midleton kicking off and right from that kick off Midleton attacked with Tommy O’Connell breaking through he took the shot hit the inside off the crossbar and down onto the ground. Midleton players thought it had passed the line and Lakewood players where heard to be saying it passed the line too but the Ref thought different. All the Midleton players couldn’t believe it and let the ref know that and from that the Ref booked Newlands. As the game went on the decisions got more bizarre. Lakewood had a break down the right side off the centre of the park as they got near the penalty box Ray Sweetman put in a fine challenge to try to knock it out wide but the ball did not go far enough so the Midleton keeper Conner O’Farrell came out to collect and pick it up just at the right side edge off the penalty box. Tthe ref blows his whistle to gives a indirect free kick for a back pass but more bizarrely, he lets them take it from the edge of the centre of the box. Lakewood take it quick before the ref has his whistle blown or is in a proper position to see play and Lakewood are 2 up. Midleton found it hard to come back from this and a couple of mins later the ref awards Lakewood a penalty. Goalkeeper Conner O’Farrell made a fine safe but Lakewood got it in the rebound and near the end they got their fourth goal to make it through to the next round off the national cup.

Mathew Lamb and Sean O’Leary had another fine performance at the back. Midleton players have nothing to feel bad about this result they definitely deserved better but take nothing away from Lakewood who played the game in a very sporting manner and wish them all the best in the next round.  

National Cup Round 3 away to Corinthians Boys A Sat 20th Nov
Corinthians boys A 0 Midleton 1

National Cup Round 3 away to Corinthians Boys A Sat 20th NovThis was all go from the start Midleton put pressure on Corinthians right from the start of play and where winning most of the ball in midfield with some brilliant fighting spirit from Tommy O’Connell but everything Midleton put up to Corinthians they could not break them down. And that is the reason why they are at the top of div 1, centre half Mathew Lamb who had another solid game had a free kick outside the box just before half time he hit it with great power but it just went over the bar great first half but still 0-0.

The 2nd half got under way with Midleton making a change bringing off Cormac Higgins who had been booked in the first half for Ryan Dunleavy. As the game went on Corinthians started to put a bit of pressure on but Midleton held out and with a bit of luck when Alan Horgan cleared it off the line Midleton got there self’s together. With some great play in the middle from Sean O’Leary and on the right side Ciaran Newlands worked hard on the side putting in crosses and chasing players down and the same can be said about Andrew Nestor on the left. As the game went on Midleton pressed for that winning goal and 5mins from time that boy top scorer Adam Wilson picked up the ball from the left of the pitch and made a wonderful run into the box as Evan O’Meara and Newlands made a run to the back post but with great composure he took the shot himself. A great goal definitely one to note for goal of the season the players and coaches on the sideline where jumping for joy. The last few mins every Midleton player got behind the ball and work there socks off they where brilliant but a special mention for Alan Horgan who was without doubt the man of the match.

National Cup Round 3 away to Corinthians Boys A Sat 20th Nov

League vs Springfield Ramblers, Knockgriffin, Sunday Nov 7th
Midleton 2 Springfield 0
League vs Springfield RamblersThis was a tough game for Midleton from the start they had to fight for every ball. For the first 10 mins Springfield put pressure on the Midleton back four but Midleton started to come into the game after that and half way through the first half Adam Wilson broke through and scored the first.
As the game went on Midleton kept at it fighting for every ball with some great fighting spirit from Owen Mitchell who had a good game at the back. It stayed 1-0 at half time and in the second half Midleton made a change at half time bringing on Evan O’Meara for Conner O’Leary who had good performance up front in the first half. As the game went on Tommy O’Connell commanded the midfield and Mathew Lamb at centre half had another great game. Midleton pressed for a 2nd and 15mins into the 2nd half Wilson got a lovely pass through and he was on fire to make it 2. This was without doubt one of his best games for Midleton with a man of the match display. A well deserved 3 points for Midleton, with every player fighting to the end and goalkeeper
Conner O’Farrell who was not asked to do much but when called on he done the job.

League vs Springfield Ramblers 

National Cup 2nd Rnd away to Midleton A 24th October
Midleton A 0 Midleton 10

A game that both sides did not want to play and were glad to get it over with. Both sides came out starting strong but not long into the game Mathew Lamb who played a midfield role in this game got the first of his two goals. A belter from outside the box. Midleton started to take a grip of the game then Adam Wilson who got a great game got two goals to make it 4-0 at half time.
Midleton then made 4 changes at half time bringing on Andrew Nestor, Tommy O’Connell, Cormac Higgins and Ciaran Newlands. As the second half got under way Midleton started again this time Harry Wall coming up from defence to bag one. Then O’Connell got one and Higgins got on the goal sheet at that stage it was all Midleton but credit to Midleton A they never gave up once as the end was nearing Nestor scored and Conner O’Leary got two goals one coming from a great passing move that started at the middle off the park out to the wing and into the box to make the final score 10-0.
Goals scorers - Mathew Lamb 2, Adam Wilson 2, Harry Wall, Tommy O’ Connell, Cormac Higgins, Andrew Nestor, Conner O’Leary 2.

League vs Nufarm Athletic, Nufarm Park, Sunday Oct 10th
Nufarm A 0 Midleton 10

The Midleton boys went into this game with all guns blazing after there disappointing defeat to Everton last time. Andrew Nestor opened up the scoring with a goal 6 mins into the game then Ciaran Newlands scored the second. Tommy O’Connell who got a good game in the middle of the park got himself 2 goals, then top scorer Adam Wilson ran in with the ball and slotted it nicely into the back of the net. Owen Mitchell who played centre back had his best match for the team so far. Just before half time, Newlands who played some great football today, crossed a ball into the box and deflected of one of the Nufarm defenders into the back of the net to make it 6 before half time.
The lads came back on at half time and we saw some great fighting spirit from Cormac Higgins and Mathew Lamb. As the game went on we used up all subs and the first sub to put his name to the score sheet was Sean O’Leary. Then Nestor who had worked hard out on the left got his reward with his 2nd goal. It was great to see goals coming from all positions of play when defender Ray Sweetman scored. Then to cap it off sub Evan O’Meara scored the final goal but must be said the strikers Conner O’Leary and Wilson worked hard to bring others into play, a great team performance with some perfect passing.

League vs Everton, Knockgriffin, Sunday Sept 26th
Midleton 0 Everton 1

Midleton started of well attacking from the start but through a break 10 mins into the game. Everton took the lead when Midleton failed to clear the ball out of the box, Midleton pressed on through. The first half for the equaliser but not to be in the 2nd half it was all Midleton again with Conner O’Farrell having very little to do in goals and a great back line pushing everything up and then 12 mins into the 2nd half Mathew Lamb thought he had the equaliser only for an Everton player to save it on the line with his hands but it was just not Midleton’s day.
They missed the penalty and for the last 15 mins gave it there all. Only to be denied by the Everton goalkeeper who had a man of the match display, but still taking nothing away from the Midleton boys who played some great football through the park and hopefully come away from this defeat knowing with a bit of luck from the run of play they could be at the top of Div 2 tonight.

National Cup 1st Round at home to Springfield Ramblers Thursday 16th Sept
Midleton 2 Springfield Ramblers 0

This was Midleton’s toughest game of the season so far they attacked from the start but could not get through a very strong Springfield back line. They gave everything but still came off at halftime 0-0, in the second half Midleton came out attacking again. With Springfield coming forward at times but Mathew Lamb worked so hard at the back with a man of the match display, with Ray Sweetman putting in a great display too. Midleton’s hard work paid off 15mins into the second half again top scorer Adam Wilson was there as always to put it into the back off the net. Midleton never laid back and kept going forward some great balls coming through from Cormac Higgins from the middle and some lovely balls coming from the right side from Ciaran Newlands who worked hard on the wing. Then 5mins from time Andrew Nester came in from the left side and slotted home a cracker in to the back of the net a great goal. Midleton held tight for the final whistle with all players working hard behind the ball including goal keeper Conner O’Farrell, who had a good game and Sean O’Leary who moved back to centre back for the last 10 mins put in some strong tackles to put Midleton through to the next round. A well deserved win.   

League v Passage Sept 11th
Midleton had a slow start to the game finding it hard playing against the sun and playing up field in the first half. Then in the 25th min top scorer Adam Wilson scored his first of three turning out to be a great start to the season for him. Passage pulled one back to make it level at half time.
In the 2nd half Midleton got stronger with a great all round team performance with goals from Cormac Higgins and Andrew Nester. Passage got a 2nd from the penalty spot but didn’t take long before Wilson got his 2nd then with great delight right winger Ciaran Newlands slotted home his 1st competitive goal with great a performance as well. Wilson then scored his 3rd with great composure and then Conner O’Leary came on from the bench to make the final score 7-2 a brilliant team performance, but we can’t go with out mentioning man of the match Sean O’Leary Hayes who played a absolute blinder one to watch for the future.  

League v Blarney Aug 28th
Midleton got of to a good start by taking the lead with a goal from striker Evan O’Meara.
They had most of the ball in the first half with a good performance from centre back Mathew Lamb and midfielder Cormac Higgins.
Blarney pulled one back before half time. The 2nd half was a much tighter game with some gutsy play from both sides, but Midleton dug in there and where rewarded with a well taken goal by striker Adam Wilson.
A well deserved three points.



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