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Under 16 2014/15 Premier Division

Manager - Benny Newlands (086) 8388806
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15th Feb Local Cup Home Passage Utd Draw 2-2 Adam Wilson, Ciaran Newlands
25th Jan League Home Carrigaline United Lost 0-2 -
14th Dec League Home Lakewood Ath Lost 1-3 Adam Wilson
7th Dec League Away Corinthians Boys Lost 2-1  
30th Nov League Home Wilton United Lost 0-6 -
22nd Nov League Away Mallow United Lost 2-3 Sean O'Leary (2)
16th Nov League Home Springfield Ramblers Won 4-3 Shane Finn (2), Adam Wilson (1), Liam Gosnell (1)
2nd Nov League Away Douglas Hall Draw 2-2 Sean O'Leary Hayes, Adam Wilson
26th Oct League Home Rockmount Lost 1-6 Liam Gosnell
19th Oct National Cup Away Mallow United Lost 7-1 Andrew Nestor
12th Oct League Home Leeds Draw 1-1 Cathal Gunning
5th Oct League Away Carrigaline United Lost 3-0  
27th Sep National Cup Away Clonakilty Won 5-2 Liam Gosnell 2, Ciaran Newlands,Tommy O'Connell, Dara Murphy
21st Sep League Away Lakewood Atheltic Lost 3-2 Shane Finn, Mathew Lamb
14th Sep League Home Corinthians Boys Lost 1-6 Andrew Nestor
7th Sep League Away Wilton United Lost 5-2 Adam Wilson 1 , Assist
31st Aug League Home Mallow United Draw 2-2 Sean O'Leary Hayes
Carrigaline United 18 16 2 0 50
Wilton United 18 12 5 1 41
Mallow United 18 10 6 2 36
Corinthian Boys 18 8 4 6 28
Leeds 18 5 6 7 21
Rockmount 18 5 5 8 20
Lakewood Athletic 18 6 2 10 20
Douglas Hall 18 5 2 11 17
Springfield Ramblers 18 3 2 13 11
Midleton 18 1 4 13 7

Goal Scorers
Sean O'Leary Hayes
Adam Wilson
Liam Gosnell
Shane Finn
Andrew Nestor
Ciaran Newlands
Tommy O'Connell
Dara Murphy
Mathew Lamb



Under 16 2014/15 Premier Division Match Reports

League at Knockgriffin V Passage Utd on Sunday 15th February 2015
Midleton 2
Passage Utd 2
This match finished 1-1 at full time and 2-2 after extra time
And then the game was decided on penalty's which passage came out winners winning 4-3.
It was a well played game by both teams and right up to the end any one could have won the game , Midleton took the lead first with a penalty Adam Wilson stepped up to hit it into the back of the net and they had a good few chances through out the game one particular one was
From Sean O'Leary Hayes Ciaran Newlands cut the ball back in the box and Sean hit it close range on the Billy with power how the keeper got to it I'll never know it was a superb save passage were awarded a penalty to take it to extra time which they scored .
In extra time it looked as if Midleton were going to go through to the next round when Shane Finn crossed a lovely ball deep into the box Newlands ran onto it and hit with a half volley to the top corner the keeper struggled to get his hand around it and Newlands got his name on the goal sheet but just before the end sloppy defending got passage into the game again and it went to penalty's were passage came out on top and Midleton take a early exit from the local cup it's not been the best of seasons for the lads this year but they just have to get there heads up and put the work in to get the right results great performance from Sean Oleary Hayes.

League at Knockgriffin V Carrigaline on Saturday 25th January 2015
Midleton 0
Carrigaline 2
Midleton had their first game of the 2015 again top of the table Carrigaline. We knew we would be up against it but the lads put in an almighty shift everyone of them gave there all and you can't ask for much more, were we failed was probably the understanding of our formation we are starting to get it right at the back playing with four across the line and sweeper just in front breaking things down and covering the space of the back if one of the back line gets dragged out and Dara Murphy did a fine job there. We played with three in the middle to show a bit of bite and win ball which they did with Conner O'Leary getting the job of both wide spaces but mostly left and hopefully leaving the right with a gap that we could take advantage of at times with Ciaran Newlands running into from the centre when we were breaking and Sean Oleary Hayes pushing up closer to support Adam Wilson up front and we had Conner coming in from the left and with oscar Whelan playing a holding midfield position.
But the lads struggled at times when we broke to get up quick to support our striker and use the space if they can start to get this together goals will come but when you are playing with one man up front he needs the support and that all has to be done at a fast pace and the lads have to understand this and if they can get this there's a good team there the goals we gave away were weak one from long distance and the other was just one of the lads caught sleeping and was slow off the mark a simple error. There is not that big a gap betweens the teams even thou one is sitting at the top and the other is looking up from the bottom they just have to focus more and listen to what is being asked of them, you have to play to the plan at this level or you could go out there like today give your all play good and still get nothing from it. Good performances from Sean O'Leary Ciaran Newlands and Aaron Pender also Dara Murphy had a great game too

League at Knockgriffin V Lakewood Ath on Saturday 14th December 2014
Midleton 1
Lakewood Ath 3
Another game were Midleton played som great football in the first half commanded the midfield but were just not attacking fast enough when they had possession and never used the space they got out on the width there was just to much of a gap between the Midfield and the striker and because of this they missed out on opportunities in the 1st 40mins.
At halftime the spirit was up as they had so much of the possession we just told the midfield to get up forward quicker to support the striker and use the space but what ever happened straight from kick off they went to sleep and gave a goal away and from then on they struggled to get on top.

League at Mallow V Mallow Utd on Sunday 22nd November 2014
Mallow Utd 3 Midleton 2

Midleton returned to Mallow a few weeks after their disastrous result there in the national cup were they were defeated 9-1. But the lads knew they were better than that and they were up for the fight today and they didn't disappoint either, as the game kicked off Midleton got stuck in and fought for every ball in what can only be described as a pitch in shocking conditions with a steep slope which again should be question weather players safety was put first to be playing on a surface in such bad condition and you just wonder are these teams picking up points with the fact that they are used to playing in these terrible pitches, but our lads got on with it
and matched Mallow all over the pitch and were making some great chances with Sean O'Leary Hayes causing lots of problems cutting in from the left side as was Ciaran Newlands from the right. It was from these two players our break came, Newlands came got the ball down the right and drove the ball into the box and produced a lovely bit of skill as he beat two players in the box to pull away and look up to see
O'Leary waiting in the box to cross it over and O'Leary headed it into the back of the net, From there on Midleton were on top but that only lasted for another 15 mins as Midleton gave a goal away again the same old story. It's so frustrating as we speak about every training session and before every game just taking to many touches when we can move it on earlier and that's how we gave it away just inside our half in the middle of the pitch, We have possession and we don't move it on we try to beat the player and lose the ball and Mallow go on right down the middle of the pitch and score and they are back in the game and it stayed that way till halftime.

The 2nd half got under way and Midleton were playing up the field which they found hard to a just to as Mallow were pressing forward right from the start. It took Midleton 10 mins to get into the game and when they settled down they started to play football and Liam Gosnell and Newlands linked up well and made some chances putting the Mallow defence under pressure but 15 mins into the 2nd half and Mallow scored their 2nd.
Again the same problem this time, Another midfield player receives the ball should have had the opportunity to move it on but took another 5 or 6 then passed it on to O'Leary who could have move it on straight away by switching the play but to take another touch and got into a tussle and gave away a free kick which Mallow took quick. Our lads were still wondering why the free kick was giving and Mallow end up with a one on one with the keeper and the player goes down and penalty, you could ask were was the defence but if we would have moved the ball on quicker in the middle of the park when we had the possession.
We wouldn't have been in that dilemma it's really a big problem with the lads they have got to understand you just won't get the time on the the ball at this level. Then 5 mins later gave away another goal again coming down the left hand side and too many players ball watch as the ball came a long the box 5 mins to go Midleton get a 2nd when Sean Oleary strikes again But they just left it behind them the goals we will get but it's the goals we are giving away which is the problem and players taking to much touches on the ball and losing possession in dangerous areas and this is going to keep causing us problems if we don't start listening and doing what is asked of them but a much more improved performance this time out Good performances from goalkeeper Artur and Oscar at the back also A good return from Ciaran Newlands who was involved in most things that was happening and also a man of the match performance from Sean O'Leary Hayes.

League at Knockgriffin V Springfield Ramblers on Sunday 16th November 2014
Midleton 4
Springfield Ramblers 3
A great display from Midleton today as they took on Springfield ramblers and the rewards pay off as they took there first three points of the season. With Shane Finn bagging two as he played a outstanding game in a attacking midfield role. Also on fire was Adam Wilson who bagged another goal to his tally and Liam Gosnell scored the 4th but Midleton still made hard work of at time as the kept allowing Springfield back into the game.
We gave away 3 goals but to be fair the 2nd of those goals should never have been allowed as it was well off side but in the end we managed and deserved all three points, there were some outstanding performances out there today, Shane Finn as was said but also at the back Aaron Pendor had a solid game and made some important challenges at the right time. Goalkeeper Conor O'Farrell commanded his box well but one player stood out with his never give up attitude from start to finish and gave his all Dara Murphy, Great game and he was our man of the match, Well done lads a great team performance.

League at Douglas V Douglas Hall on Sunday 2nd November 2014
Douglas Hall 2 Midleton 2

A much better performance from Midleton after their bad run of games over the last few weeks much more focused and played more like a unit but early on in the game after having a strong start they slipped up at the back and gave Douglas the lead but Midleton got straight back up and on with the game and they got their rewards from a corner the ball was crossed over to the back from Dale Holland and Sean O'Leary Hayes was there to meet it head on and pure power from connection it slotted into the back of the net great delivery from Holland and great header from Sean.
In the 2nd half Midleton started off strong again with Dale holland dictating everything that came through the middle and they took the lead 10 mins into the 2nd half when Holland put pressure on defender and he pass it back to the keeper then Adam Wilson chased down the keeper and as he closed the keeper down the keeper tried to clear but will son blocked it and chased it on into the back of the net and 1-2 to the away side as the game went on it looked like Midleton would get there first three points as the game was coming to the end but again the lads went to sleep and gave Douglas a share of the points when they scored a goal from the left side of the pitch it only takes a second and if you give someone a free shot at goal with out closing them down then it's only a matter of time. But for most part of the game Midleton played well Dale Holland was superb his passing and vision today was out standing something we have been missing for a while.

League at Knockgriffin V Rockmount on Sunday 26th October 2014
Rockmount 6 Midleton 1

Midleton struggled once again as they failed to pick up their first three points of the season , they took the lead in the first 15 mins but it didn't last long as they let Rockmount back into the game 5 mins later and when the away side scored their 2nd the Midleton lads heads went down and they never got them up again they just have to keep working at it and it will come but they must focus for the full game from start to finish and not just in periods.

League at Knockgriffin V Leeds on Sunday 12th October 2014
Leeds 1 Midleton 1

Midleton started off much better than than they have in previous games, right from the start they were up for it and were much more confident with their possession they moved the ball much quicker something that has been been a problem from the start of the season. With some changes to the team Liam Gossnel moved up front and Cathal Gunning moved up to left midfield and Conor O\'Leary out right midfield we had plenty pace up front so the quicker the lads could get the ball moving the better and that was the game plan and this was working when the lads kept to the plan 15 mins into the game just out side the box Midleton came close with a lovely 1-2 with Liam Gosnell and Shane Finn which nearly caught Leeds out but the final ball through the box to Conor O\'Leary just came short but it was a great chance. Midleton got a scare not long into the game when Goalkeeper Conor O\'Farrell came out to contest a ball and got a bad knock and didn\'t know if he would be able to carry on but he did and went on to have a good game. Midleton Had another chance just before
halftime when the ball broke through to Liam Gosnell he charged through but got caught with his footing as he got near the box and it stayed 0-0 at halftime.
Midleton came out the 2nd half with the same fire and belief and knowing Leeds were there for the taking and they worked hard and the reward came just after halftime Cathal Gunning got the ball down the left and crossed it over the ball went high towards the goal and the keeper struggled to get up to it and it went right over his head and into the net a bit of luck but we deserved the goal.
As the game went on Leeds were coming into it more and more and started to open up the Midleton defense but with some outstanding quick reaction saves from goalkeeper Conor O\'Farrell he kept Midleton\'s hopes up and it looked like Midleton would hold on but 4 mins to go Leeds get the equalizer and the game finished 1-1.
a big improvement from the lads but they are still disappointed at not taking all three points it was just down to tiredness and match fitness at the end that cost them and the lads know why some good performances today
0scar Whelan played well as did Aaraon Pender and Liam Gosnel worked hard up front on his own and in the midField Shane Finn had another strong game with Sean O\'Leary Hayes Having a good first half but Conor Farrell gets Man of the match for pulling off some great saves.

League at Ballea Park V Carrigaline on Sunday 5th October 2014
Carrigaline 3 Midleton 0

Midleton again struggled to get their first three points of the season against Carrigaline, Midleton made very few chances through the game as they found it difficult to open up the Garrigaline defense as they struggled with their passing and making the right choice of pass, carrigaline scored 20 mins into the game and then hit the back of the net again a minute before halftime but all through the first half Midleton were chasing the ball anytime we did have it Carrigaline closed down quick and Midleton panicked with their pass and gave it back and we were chasing again.
The 2nd half was no different Carrgaline had most of the play and straight from the start scored their 3rd goal another tough day for Midleton the back four did well especially Aaron Pender but we just didn't get he ball moving through the middle of the pitch our spread it wide for the breaks we really struggled to read the play today something we have to work on.

Natioonal Cup at Clonakilty V Clonakilty on Saturday 27th September 2014
Clonakilty 2 Midleton 5

Midleton took the long trip to Clonakillty For their 1st round draw In the national cup and sailed through to the next round with a clash against Mallow. Midleton were up 5 mins into the game with a strike from Tommy O\'Connell then another three goals followed in the next 15 mins with goals from Liam Gosnell,Ciaran Newlands and Dara Murphy, Midleton traveled with the bare 11 players as they struggle with injuries and 25 mins
into the game Ciaran Newlands took heavy blow to the face and had a heavy nose bleed so Midleton had to carry on with 10 players for the remainder of the first half and this seemed to affect their game as they allowed Clonakillty back into the game they pulled back two goals to finish the 1st half 2-4.

As the 2nd half got under way Clonakillty came out with a bit of believe and confidence that the game wasn\'t over and they could have scored another two early in the 2nd half only for some good goalkeeping from Conor O\'Farrell as the game went on Midleton went back to 11 men with the return of Newlands, the game went a bit quite but Midleton found the net one more time with Liam Gosnell hitting the back of the net and it finished 2-5 a good to get our first competitive win of the season its been tough for the lads going up a level and losing
a few players to injury there is definitely a team there that can compete at this level but we need our full panel back and every player available for training.

League at Lakewood Park V Lakewood on Sunday 21st September 2014
Lakewood 3 Midleton 2

After another tough day Midleton are still looking for their first win of the season but it\'s not going to come if they keep bringing performances like this . Again they started of very shaky and nervous making crazy mistakes at the back and Midleton were lucky to be coming off at halftime only 1-0 down . Midleton like other games this season came out stronger in the 2nd
With Mathew Lamb coming on after a long spell out injured he made a massive difference in the midfield getting balls out wide opening up spaces and also tightening up in midfield but again just as we were getting into the game Midleton conceded a penalty which was a bit harsh on another day another ref would have booked the attacker for diving but not this ref he saw it different and Midleton found themselves 2-0 down . But this is what Midleton are good at when they get it together they never give up and 5 mins later Midleton attack with a ball coming across from the right and Shane Finn was there at the back post to slot it into the back of the net and Put Midleton back in the game and it really looked like Midleton had Lakewood at this stage they where in control and were making chance after Chance Ciaran Newlands came close with a shot outside the box that just went wide but you could see a goal coming as Midleton got closer and there was a goal but it wasn\'t for Midleton again they got it all wrong at the back a mix up with the marking saw Lakewood taking advantage and slotting it into the back off the net 3-1 Midleton fought back and got a free kick 30 yards out and Mathew Lamb struck a beauty into the top left hand corner again they are back in with a chance but in the end time ran out and it was not to be good performances from Mathew lamb, Ciaran Newlands and Liam Gosnell .

League at Knockgriffin V Corinthians on Sunday 14th September 2014
Corinthians 6 Midleton 1

Midleton welcomed college Corinthians to knockgriffin for there premiership clash and the score really tells the story Midleton never got started at all and gave another premiership team to much respect to concede to their worst defeat at ever at schoolboy level they really have to start believing in their own ability the home side pulled one back in the 2nd half with a goal from Andrew Nestor but the game was over at this stage we just have to put this one to bed and get on with it

League at Lee road V Wilton Utd on Sunday 7th September 2014
Wilton Utd 5 Midleton 2

Midleton headed to Wilton for their 2nd league match of the season and again found it tough in the top league but the score didn\'t really justify the game, Midleton again started of slow giving Wilton to much respect and it was not that long into the game when Wilton took advantage of this the Wilton player got the ball outside the box and went right through our defenders and saw the target and took his strike into the back of the net nobody went to close him down early and again we where punished for it but Midleton got back into the game and started to make chances and they came close when a ball broke through and Ciaran Newlands chased onto it it was a 50/50 with the keeper he got there first put it to the side of the keeper but it just went to far and he chased it and got a touch but it went to the side netting and this really gave Midleton the belief that they were just as good as the home team they really started playing some great football matching Wilton physically Aaron Pender putting some great challenges in at the back as was Liam Gosnell and Newlands who contented for balls around the midfield and Adam Wilson was putting in a great shift up front chasing balls down and putting Wilton Under pressure.

It was all going good till Wilton Got A corner and yes the marking broke down again as Wilton scored from a header but Midleton pick themselves up quick and from a attack they pulled one back Newlands put the ball through to Wilson who took a great first touch had the keeper to beat and as he got close Wilson Waited for the keeper to make his move and when he made a move to the side Wilson lob the keeper and took his goal well and brought it back to 2-1 but again we gave away another sloppy goal and they came in at halftime trailing 3-1. Midleton Came out at halftime buzzing knowing that they should not be down 3-1 having so much of the play in the first half 2 mins into the game and they scored Newlands crossed the ball across goal and it went to the back post with Gosnell (Gossy) just missing the jump for the header but he chased the ball out to the left and turned to cross it back over the Wilton defender and Wilson went to challenge for it it came of the defender and into the back of the net and Midleton are back in the game the two lads both claimed the goal there was a bit of banter but it was the defender who knocked it over the line but it really put the pressure onto Wilton as we had them Rattled the lads were all over them at this stage and came close to scoring the equalizer on two attacks but then disaster struck as Newlands was sent off straight red for decent, it change everything as we had to make changes this weekend the midfield and from their on the lads were under pressure to try and get at least a draw it left gaps and this only brought Wilton back into the game they got two more and the lads were
tired at this stage but as it got close to the end we knew that the result didn\'t reflect the way the game went we are not that far behind we came close last week against Mallow but whats holding us back is how we are starting the game we really have to start believing in ourselves and the results will come all the lads played well today Conor O\'Farrell looked Confident in goal as did the full back line who had to work hard at times
we just have to get to that ball quicker around the midfield and the back and that will close those gaps and the goals will come and the points will follow

League at Knockgriffin V Mallow on Sunday 31st August 2014
Mallow 2 Midleton 2

Midleton under 16s welcomed Mallow to Knockgriffin for the first league game of the season and their first game ever playing in the premiership at schoolboy level after winning the first division last season, the Midleton lads where not long in finding out that they where playing at a much higher level. Mallow took control of the game right from the start putting the home lads defense under pressure for good parts of the first half Midleton made hard work of it they kept giving back possession with very sloppy passing and all through the 1st half they where chasing the ball they did more running in 1st half than most teams would do in a full game but they gave their all and never gave up and the score stayed level at half time with no score.

As the 2nd ha;f got under way Midleton had to make changes and we did we tightened up the midfield by bringing on Sean O\'Leary Hayes which gave us the opportunity to get forward more and we did, this brought Adam Wilson and Ciaran Newlands into the game more with Tommy O\'Connell on the left Midfield and O\'Leary Hayes pushing through the middle we where getting more balls out to wider areas and crosses into the box But we still had problems closing players down all over pitch and this is where we lost our first goal Mallow picked up the ball out side the box on the right side of the pitch the lad took two touches eyed it up and blasted it towards the goal the keeper had no chance a great goal but we gave him to much space he should have been marked closer and he should have been closed down quicker.

As the game went on Midleton where creating more chances from set pieces and crosses coming down the side and our chance came when Tommy O\'Connell put the ball across to Newlands who turned his marker inside the box put it across to O\'Leary Hayes who hit it first time on the volley and blasted the back of the net great goal and Midleton are back in the game.10 min later Midleton get a 2nd the ball comes in the box scrambles along the box it goes into the air across goal Newlands heads it back across and again O\'Leary Hayes is there to blast it into the net and Midleton take the lead then 5 mins later Midleton lose position of the ball around the left side of the Midfield and mallow moved forward with great pace and right into the box and scored
again another mistake that we have been drilling into the players all the time is move the ball quicker to much touches and you can lose possession and always track the runners the goal scorer ran right through from the midfield without touching the ball till he got it in the box and in the end that is how it finished 2-2. It was a great 2nd half performance from all the lads special mentioned to Sean O\'Leary Hayes who really made the difference in the 2nd half and also Aaron Pender who had a solid 2nd half.



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