Midleton FC Cork

Midleton Park Hotel

Under 16A 2013/14 Division 3

Manager - Joe Jalill (086) 1568307

Youghal United
Lakewood Athletic A
St. Mary's
Watergrasshill United
Midleton A
Blarney United A
Carrigaline United A

18th May League Home Youghal United Won 4-3 Conor Smith 2,
Andrew McMahon, Connor Whyte
7th May League Home Churchvilla Lost 0-3 -
4th May League Home Evergreen Drew 0-0 -
30th Apr League Home Bandon Lost 0-5 -
26th Apr League Away Lakewood Athletic A Drew 2-2 Timmy Abdulla, Oliver O'Leary
24th Apr League Away Watergrasshill United Lost 4-2

Jack MacDonald 2

22nd Apr League Home Blarney United A Won 3-2 Jack McDonald, Kevin Daly 2
19th Apr League Away St. Mary's Lost 2-1 Jack McDonald
8th Apr League Away Bandon Lost 7-1 Connor Meade
23rd Mar League Home Carrigaline United A Won 3-0 Conor Meade, Jack McDonnell,
Eoin Cashman
9th Mar League Home Lakewood Athletic A Won 2-0 Conor Meade, Connor Whyte
23rd Feb League Away Evergreen Drew 2-2

Jack McDonald, Andrew McMahon

11th Jan League Home St. Mary's Won 2-1 Andrew McMahon 2
1st Dec League Away Youghal United Lost 0-7 -
17th Nov League Away Blarney United A Won 0-3 Eolaan Shanahan, Jack McDonald, Connor Meade
10th Nov League Away Churchvilla Lost 1-0 -
6th Oct League Away Carrigaline United A Lost 4-1 Eolaan Shanahan
29th Sept Cooke Cup Home Killnardrish/Coachford Lost 3-7 Timmy Abdulla 2, Jack McDonald
15th Sept League Home Watergrasshill Lost 1-9 Connor Whyte
Goal Scorers
Jack McDonald
Andrew McMahon
Conor Meade
Connor Whyte
Conor Smith
Timmy Abdulla
Eolaan Shanahan
Kevin Daly
Eoin Cashman
Oliver O'Leary


Under 16A 2013/14 Division 3 Match Reports

League at home to Youghal United on Sunday 18th May 2014
Midleton A 4 Youghal United 3

THE MOTHER OF ALL COME BACKS. MFC U16A welcomed fellow East Cork soccer rivals Youghal FC to their impressive home ground, Knockgriffin on a damp spring morning with a bit of apprehension from the home manager, specially with the 7-0 drubbing which we suffered early in the season still lurking in the back of my mind, all I was looking forward to was a respectable score line and a enjoyable match, but the boys had other ideas. First the first time for a long time we had at least one first choice striker, as our two top strikers were out injured with a broken wrist (Andrew McMahon) and top scorer Jack McDonald (Dislocated shoulder) for most of our second round matches, which dented our aspirations enormously.

We started off very well playing our usual "tiki taka" football on a wet and fast pitch and started creating numerous chances and should have put the match to bed by the first half hour alas as it is always the case, I was not surprised, when we got punished for a moment of dithering and blip in our concentration in defense and we were suddenly 0-1 down after all the dominance and chances. Andrew McMahon up front back after injury playing as if he was never injured gave the rest a lot of impetus and Connor Smith fighting and out jumping his taller and bigger opponents for every ball, was creating a lot of problems to the opposition defense and the probing passing ad tigerish tackling of Eoin Cashman from midfield along with Barry Kennealy, Kevin Daly and the tricky Connor Meade was a handful add to that the very offensive minded David Jalill from the left back position running up and down the left flank in tandem with Kevin and also impressing defensively with his ever solid and dependable Connor Whyte and the skillful and cool Eolann Shanahan in the center of defense with Michael Cosgrave's "no prisoner, no mercy" tackling and keeper Dylan Murphy assured and relaxed in goals the half ended in an undeserved 0-1 to Youghal FC.

Too many Jelly Beans lulled our boys into a lethargic and slow start to the second half proceeding and we were duly punished with ten minutes of the restart, first it was a goal which was not a goal. The ball was cleared by Kevin on the left post touch line which traveled along the line to the right post where Eolann hoofed it down the pitch but the referee had other ideas and allowed the goal to stand and the lads were still shell shocked when the visitors counter attacked and for once our defense was missing and it was an easy headed goal from four yards out and we where 0-3 down suddenly and staring down the barrel and I was thinking "here we go again, we play the football and create chance after chance and the opposition gets the points", but that's only half the story, wait for it here comes the best part. It was time to make a last ditch effort and substitutions were made in the form of Kevin Daly and Michael Cosgrave coming off and Oliver O'Leary and Dylan Wright coming on and Connor Meade switching from right to left midfield.

MFC U16A lads refused to lay down and accept their fate and believed that their fate was in their own hands, not delivered by someone else and started a stirring come back even better than the one produced by Arsenal in the FA Cup final at Wembley. It all started when David Jalill played a delightful ball over the top to Andrew McMahon, who brought it down beautifully and beat a hand full of defenders and the goal keeper to make it 1-3, and did we think that was the start of a come back, nah not a chance. Now MFC U16A was playing with their tails up and parked the proverbial bus on the opposition half and after many, many more chances and misses came the second goal, courtesy of some fine work on the right wing by Oliver O'Leary and a fantastic finish by Connor Smith for his first goal of the season, 2-3 to us, was there a come back, nor I was not thinking so.
With time running out and after sustained period of pressure we won a corner and the ball was bobbing around in the box and the never say die Connor Whyte buried it in the Youghal FC goal with beauty of a volley, 3-3, now we were in extra time (Fergie time) and Youghal were hanging on and we were looking for the winner and after some patient and pretty football from the hosts Connor Smith delivered it with a calm finish through the goal keepers legs and soon we heard the sweet sound of the final whistle. What a match and what a way to finish the season in which much was achieved and could have been much more if not for the injuries suffered by the two lads. Final score an unbelievable 4-3 to MFC U16A.



League at home to Churchvilla on Wednesday 7th May 2014
Midleton A 0 Churchvilla 3

Murderous May for magpies U16A. 6 games in 18 days and the boys are in their last legs, with no rest between matches and no training or preparation between matches and with just 11 player for the game it was going to be a tough evening for the boys, but the lads were determined to get a positive result from this derby with bragging right in school and around town at stake, the lads started brightly though we were missing our regular strikers, still out injured, & missing the regular goal keeper too, Connor Whyte stepped in between the post which dented our airial threat, which was to prove costly later on. Still the lads were holding their own and creating plenty of chances but not finding the back of the net as their goalie had a brilliant game and then we had a maddening 10 minutes in which we conceded 3 goals, two of which were from corners and soft goals they were, all three. But for that 10 minutes we dominated them though we were tiring and could have done with some fresh legs and the second half was all Midleton FC U16A but the goals just would not come and the game ended 0-3 to the visitors. Man of the match James McDonald for his calm and assured performance in the absence of his formidable partner in defence Connor Whyte who was in goals. Very proud of the effort and commitment from the boys.


League at home to Evergreen on Sunday 4th May 2014
Midleton A 0 Evergreen 0

Tired magpies u16a share points. Hoof and chase Evergreen met MFC U16A at a fortune time for them as the hosts were playing their 5th game in 15 days and without the strikers and with tired legs, minds and body it was an uphill battle for the boys, but true to form the lads still stuck to their beliefs and played the attractive football they are renowned for and managed a 0-0 draw but with a little bit zip in their legs, we could have got a result. Final score 0-0. The whole team deserves credit here as they worked as a team and put their vary limbs on line to get a point. Yet again fantastic character, true warriors.


League at home to Bandon on Wednesday 30th April 2014
Midleton A 0 Bandon 5

Free scoring, table topping Bandon waltz in to town. The skillful and likable Bandon football club is welcomed to Knockgriffin on a beautiful spring evening and we are hoping to stop them winning the league today. If Bandon wins today they will be crowned champions and deservedly too. Though the matches have been coming thick and fast and with the leaving cert exams on the horizon and no time for training and ironing out errors and planning tactics and strategies we started off positively with a totally new line up. As our number one strikers were out injured we had to opt for a totally untried line up of Connor Meade up front and a midfield of Kevin Daly on the left Eoin Cashman and Oliver O'Leary in the center and the left footed David Jalill in a very unfamiliar right midfield and a back five of Eolann Shanahan on the left (first time in this position) Connor Whyte, James McDonald and Dylan Wright in the centre and Michael Cosgrave on the right the plan was to stem the Bandon juggernaut which we did successfully for the first half with a score line of 1-0 to the visitors.
For some reason we have this habit of starting the second half very slowly or half dozed and get punished, which we did again and finally all the harrying chasing and tackling took its toll on our team who were ill prepared for such a mammoth task, without training in between matches and playing three matched in nine days and it was too much to ask and the game ended 5-0 to the visitors with the hosts still trying hard to play football until the final whistle, great character and great effort. Bandon were crowned champions and congratulations to a worthy team. I nominate each and everyone for men of the match. Well done lads.


League away to Lakewood Athletic A on Saturday 26th April 2014
Lakewood Athletic A 2 Midleton A 2

A day for the ducks not soccer on a windy and wet early spring morning we landed in Lakewood and nobody wanted to leave the bus and for good reasons too. We faced a Lakewood team who looked much different to the one we met on the first round and it was hard going with the rain pelting down and wind swirling around & the opposition opted to play long ball of all days today, so it was a case of rain in your eyes and pain in the necks.
From the very start MFC U16A started playing fast attacking football and the only way the big physical Lakewood lads could cope with us was resorting to playing dirty football. Within the first ten minutes we should have a clear cut penalty for a tug on Jack McDonald (first on many dirty challenges on him, which finally told with a dislocated shoulder which in turn undermined our season) right in front of the ref. As usual with MFC dominating and creating and missing good scoring chances, and their superb goal keeper keeping them in the match with one particular save that defied belief, a beautiful chip from Jack McDonald was clawed away by the keeper who had to back paddle a fair bit. And low and behold they got a free just outside the box and very, very poor organising, communication and defending we watched in horror as the ball trickled into goal, 1-0 to the hosts. Yet the boys kept plugging away against the opposition and the ref, (who decided to listed to decision made by the Lakewood boys) it was hard enough playing against the horrible elements and dirty opposition but it made it twice as hard when you had a very poor official too. MFC U16A managed to make it 1-1 at half time courtesy of a Oliver O'Leary goal assisted by Connor Meade.

After the resumption of the second half with rain and wind getting ever worse and the opposition resorting to under hand tactics and a referee with blinkers we still managed to take the lead through Timmy Abdulla who was making one of his rare appearances and Midleton kept pressing with Jack McDonald being a hand full and the only way to stop him was resorting to illegal ways and then came the foul and injury with 3 minutes left and Dylan Wright almost scored with a high class free kick, lifting over the wall and under bar for only for their goal keeper to make a finger tip save, by now I was happy thinking the 3 points were in the bag, but the ref had the last say not surprisingly on the final outcome of the match, he awarded a penalty 70 mins after the full time was played for a foul committed outside the box and it ended 2-2 and we were well and truly robed. In the end I didn't know whether the high balls or ref caused the pain in the neck/back. Man of the match goes to David Jalill for his defensive and offensive play under trying conditions and unsporty opponents.


League away to Watergrasshill United on Thursday 24th April 2014
Watergrasshill United 4 Midleton A 2

Plenty Possession and shots at goal unfortunately no points. MFC U16A made the trip to Watergrasshill with confidence after the positive result on the previous outing. But things did not get off to the start we were expecting as a fine and fair tackle by Michael Cosgrave was deemed a foul by the referee just outside the box, the first of many blunders made by a poor official who never moved out side the centre circle, if the the ref's decision was poor our defensive effort was even worse as we conceded a goal from the resulting free kick, which was a very poor free kick to boot, it beggars belief. 1-0 down very early in the match yet again. Midleton started to get their game sorted out and started to play some fine passing football and dominated play and possession and yet again guilty of not taking their chances and when we did shoot on target their gaol keeper made some excellent saves, keeping the hosts in the game. When we did beat the opposition, we could not beat the ref who time again blew for off side and ignored or missed the fouls they were committing on Jack MacDonald who was hand full. But there was no denying the persistent and determined Jack who had the ball in the back of the opposition goal after being released by our hard working midfield. 1-1 at half time.

We started off where we left off the first half, again playing the attractive passing football the boys are getting renowned for and creating chance after chance which were denied by the keeper, ref and our own poor finishing. Some of our lads should have got a hatrick. As usual when you don't take your chances you pay the price and that is exactly what happen as Watergrasshill scored twice more on the break, one with a little bit of help from us. All credit to the the lads even though they were 3-1 down and playing against "13 players" they kept at it and with the "never say die" attitude of the boys and specially Jack MacDonald we manged to pull one back and that is how the match ended, 4-2 to the hosts. Well done lads and the MAN OF THE MATACH award goes to Jack MacDonald this time. Congratulations Jack.


League at home to Blarney United A on Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Midleton A 3 Blarney United A 2

MAGPIES 16A BOUNCE BACK FOR HARD FOUGHT WIN. After the last two negative results MFC U16A needed a win here to keep their chances of finishing 3rd on the table alive. The home team seem to have shaken of the disappointments of the previous matches and were playing some attractive football and creating a host of chances but not the finished product found 1-0 down out of nowhere, this seemed to jolt the lads into action and the ever persistent and hard working and skilled Jack McDonald produced the much needed goal to sooth our nerves. After a few anxious moments at both ends Midleton took the lead after some fine football which included half the team, through the impressive Kevin Daly, 2-1 to the host at Jaffa Cake time.

After half time with the prolific Jack MacDonald rested, as usual we were creating plenty of chances but not having the composure in front of goal to finish them off. After many near misses and some heart stopping attack inducing moments and some fine defensive work from our back line and finger tip saves from keeper Dylan Murphy we got the third goal, started by the goalie himself and some "assist" from the touch line, eh hem! for Mr. Kevin Daly to finish with aplomb. Blarney though had not give up the ghost as they fought their way back with a goal and after more anxious moments Midleton hung on to a much deserved 3-2 win.
This time Man of the Match is our own Kevin Daly. (Will we ever hear the end of this!)


League away to St. Mary's on Saturday 19th April 2014
St. Mary's 2 Midleton A 1

No Spring Rising for MFC U16A. After the heavy loss in the previous match to table toppers Bandon, Midleton 16A were looking back to bounce back to winning ways against bottom of the table St. Mary's, on a beautiful spring morning, alas it was not to be. After conceding an early goal to the opposition, we were chasing the game and were still nursing the hang over effects of the Bandon game, but we managed to claw our way back to 1-1 and were beginning to settle down when we conceded a second and though we improved and put a lot of pressure on the opposition and had the major share of the possession we just could not get the goals deeded to claim the tree points, which I had banked on to climb the table and put some distance between the chasing pack for 3rd place. Final score 2-1 to the hosts and a valuable 3 points lost, which could hurt our chances of finishing third.


League away to Bandon on Tuesday 8th April 2014
Bandon 7 Midleton A 1

Magpies fly in to a Gail Force. MFC U16A drove into Bandon to face the league's free scoring high fliers sans their main fire power strike duo, through injury and unavailability and where duly blasted off the park. The boys played with the hand break on and lead in their boots and no conviction or faith in their own ability, which was recipe for disaster. Though we took the lead, and I got my hopes high thinking miracles do happen, once they got into stride, specially Denzel, with their long ball tactic the goals started to flow. Half time 2-1 to the hosts.

After the turn around with the wind behind them and the playing down the slope the force was with them and that man Denzel was having a field day with his pace, power, skill and vision, he scored three more (5 in all) and set up the other too. Final score 7-1 to the hosts and good luck to them and the Man of the Match was Premier League/Championship bound Denzel, what a player.


League at home to Carrigaline United A on Sunday 23rd March 2014
Midleton A 3 Carrigaline United A 0

Midleton Under 16's A Team Continue Excellent Recent Form. Midleton continued their excellent recent form with a comfortable home win over Carrigaline at sunny Knockgriffin on Sunday morning. It's now 10 points from the last 12 for Joe Jalil's emerging side who were full value for this very solid victory. In fact, the 3-0 scoreline does scant justice to the winner's dominance as they created several gilt edged chances throughout what was a very commanding display.

Jack McDonnell, Kevin Daly and Andrew McMahon came close to edging the home side ahead in a very bright opening twenty minutes.  By tis stage, a pattern had already developed. The afore mentioned trio were to the fore along with Eoin Cashman who prompted and probed from the centre of midfield. Beside him Oliver O'Leary was putting in another tireless shift whilst Conor Meade always looked a threat on the right side. In fact it was Conor Meade who broke the deadlock soon after, stepping in from his wide position and producing a splendid strike with his left foot which flew past Carrigaline's imposing goalkeeper. More chances soon followed as Midleton threated to add to their tally. At the other end full back Michael Cosgrave produced his usual strong tackling display on the right whilst David Jalil was bright and busy at left back, always looking to contribute going forward. The central defensive partnership of Conor Whyte and James Mac' continues to blossom.  Their only concern being late on in the first half, when Carrigaline's centre forward broke clear but then Dylan Murphy, whose stock continues to rise in goal, immediately sprang off his line. So 1-0 it was at the break and Midleton's reason for worry was that by now the points should have been in the bag.

As a consequence the arrival of the second goal was met with a huge sigh of relief.  David Jalil delivered an inviting cross form the left and when the visitors defence failed to deal with the danger, Jack McDonnell showed his class with a really cool finish. Midleton maintained their momentum from there on. The introduction of fresh legs ensured the balance of power stayed firmly with the hosts.  Dylan Wright came in at the back, Eolann Shanahan came into the defensive midfield role, whilst Conor Smyth and Michael Kelly was introduced in the wide positions. Eolan's contribution in a relatively new position was particularly eye catching. The third goal when it arrived 6 minutes from time put the gloss on the Midleton win.  Michael Kelly's through ball was taken in his stride by Eoin Cashman who shot past the keeper from 15 yards.

So a highly satisfactory all round performance by Midleton who are certainly playing superb football and enjoying their best form of the season. If they maintain this level of performance for the remainder of the season, further progress up the table certainly looks a strong possibility. As for the "Man of the Match" bottle of bubbly - as expected after such an impressive all round performance there are no shortage of contenders.  The majority of the front six could have justified claims, but we will give the nod to a defender, who despite not being over worked had another very commanding outing.  - Well done to Conor Whyte and indeed to all the squad on a job very well done.


League at home to Lakewood Athletic A on Sunday 9th March 2014
Midleton A 2 Lakewood Athletic A 0

MAGPIES 16A FLYING HIGH. Today we did not play the champagne football which we played the last time out but never the less it was yet another impressive performance from the lads. This bunch have really evolved into a team who are masters of passing, movement and retaining possession.

The visitors had no answer to MFC U16A's brand of soccer and defended in numbers making it very difficult for the hosts to break them down though we had ample possession and a few half chances, but it was credit to us for making those chances and giving them a torrid time as we were playing with a make shift forward line due to illness and non availability of our first choice forwards. Credit is due to Barry Keneally and Oliver O'Leary for this, ably backed by Kevin Daly, captain Eoan Cashman, Connor Meade, who had very good match and was rewarded with well deserved goal in the second half to break the dead lock and the powerful Dylan Wright. Half Time 0-0.

MFC U16A Started the second half with a bit more urgency and started putting the pressure on the visitors who were now on the back foot and defending desperately, and our back line of David Jalill, Connor White, James McDonald and Eolann Shanahan were rocks in defence and when ever they were breached Dylan Murphy the custodian cleaned up without any fuss, by the way Dylan was sick and played through pain,(he ended up in hospital the following day) which he kept to him self, such is his commitment to the team, thanks Dylan, but don\'t do it again please. Finally the goal arrived after some lovely soccer involving half the team and Connor Meade running down the right side and beating a few opposition players planted the ball in the left corner of the goal from a tight angle, it was no more than we deserved. With the pressure lifted the boys really started to play some serious football, and with the introduction of Eolann Shanahan to mid field and Micheal Cosgrave in defence, we really had the visitors under the cosh and it was all hands on deck stuff by them making it hard to score that all important second goal, but the lads kept working hard and eventually the second goal arrived courtesy of Connor White. By now the MFC U16A bus was parked in the opposition half but we just could not shift the Lakewood train for the third goal but bagged the 3 pints this time.

Yet again the Man Of The Match is a hard one to pick since there were some excellent performance from a good few of the players, Connor Meade, Kevin Daly, Dylan Murphy the captain are few who come to mind, but I am going to stick with JAMAES McDonald for his cool, calm defending and excellent reading of the game, well done James.


League away to Evergreen on Sunday 23rd February 2014
Evergreen 2 Midleton A 2

Unlucky magpies U16A has to settle for draw. The soccer gods were kind to us the previous match but this time around they just turned a blind eye to our plight, MFC U16A out played the hosts in every department of the game except in the set pieces, which is becoming our achills heel. The soccer dished out by Midleton U16A was out standing, the passing, movement, tackling, ball retention everything that is beautiful about football was on display which had one spectator quipping that it "was like watching Arsenal play". The magpies took the lead deservingly after many missed chances and wastefulness, Barry Kennealy put their right back under pressure in their own quarter and once he won the ball squared it to goal scorer Jack McDonald who used his skill and strength to beat two defenders and apply a good finish. 1-0 to the visitors but had the coaches worried because we were creating and missing chance after chance, with midfielder and captain Eoin Cashman prominent and tigerish in his tackles and precise in his passing, which spread across the rest of the team, specially the midfielders Barry Kennealy, Dylan Wright, Connor Smith all playing some classy football and Jack McDonald playing in a deep attacking midfielder position supporting Andrew McMahon upfront. The only way the hosts could have scored was on the break by punting ball forward and thats exactly what happened for their equaliser. Half time 1-1. Unbelievable.

We started the second half where we left off the first half and it was the same pattern of play once again playing fantastic football, creating plenty of chances and being wasteful and the coaches had their heart in their mouth everytime the hosts took a free or a corner with their height and physicality and pin point delivers giving us a few anxious moments, other than that we were in total control and the second goal finally arrived low and behold from a corner, a brilliant deliver from left back for the day Devin Daly and an emphatic headed finish by the hard working and deserving Andrew McMahon. 2-1 to Midleton when it should have been 7-1, the second half happened to be a very, very long half with any problems created by the host expertly dealt with our outstanding defence team of Michael Cosgrave, Eolann Shanahan, James McDonald and Kevin Daly who in addition to their defence duties also joined the attack and deliver some good crosses, and keeper Dylan Murphy tiding up any loose ends and getting a kick in the stomach for his troubles,  but alas the final goal went to Evergreen, in even longer additional (fergie) time, and yes it was a set piece that cost all three points.
Final score Midleton 2 evergreen 2.

As a coach we strive to play/produce good enjoyable football for players and spectators, and I can proudly say the boys did so today and this performance will be forever etched in my memory so thank you very much lads but I hope this is not a once off, which Ii doubt as we have been knocking on the door for some time and finally we seem to have opened that door, let's hope this is the beginning of more beautiful things to come. Oh I nearly forgot, in a match in which every player was a man of the match, Eoin Cashman bags the man of the match award for setting the pattern of play from the very first whistle to the very last whistle, well done Eoin and the rest.


League at home to St. Mary's on Saturday 11th January 2014
Midleton A 2 St. Mary's 1

MIDLETON U16A START NEW YEAR WITH HARD FOUGHT WIN. Yes it was a hard fought win on a day when the sky was bright and blue but the ground was frozen to start with and when it thawed wet, heavy and slippery. Not a day for the pretty, passing football the home side is renowned for. The way the three goals were scored is testimony for the kind of scrappy football that was on offer. MFC U16A took the lead mid way in the first half after our goal keeper Dylan Murphy punted the ball forward and Andrew McMahon brought the ball under control and scored a well taken goal. The home team put the visitors under sustained pressure from there onwards but its St. Mary\'s who scored. A free kick from right was hoofed towards goal from long range and the keeper had it in his hand well under control only for the wet ball and the sun (for once we were not for the sun on a cold January morning)in his eye conspired against him and he dropped the ball for a visitors player for a simple tap in. Now the momentum swung the visitors way and we had to make a tactical switch and move Jack McDonald into mid field from the forward line and we started to see more of the ball with the extra man and his strength and skill.1-1 at half time.

We started off the second half as we left off the first half, determined and strong in the tackle in testing underfoot conditions though the sun was shinning like a summers day. Finally the second goal, again from Andy McMahon, arrived rather fortuitously. 2-1 to the hosts and thats how the match ended. Midleton did well with a couple of new faces who was playing for us for the first time and a totally re-jigged back four. While the new boys Oliver O"Reilly and Micheal Cosgrave gave a good account of themselves and did themselves proud. Eolann Shanahan, playing in his unaccustomed position of center back had a great game along with Connor White, David Jalill and Kevin Daly are beginning to combine well in attack and defence on the left flank, both equally comfortable in attack and defence, captain Eoin Cashman, leading from the front, was the usual work hose running and tackling tirelessly from start to end and Jack McDonald with his natural ability all did their best for the team collectively. What the outfield players could not mop up our ever improving and BRAVE keeper Dylon Murphy did with some brave one on one saves and one straight after being badly hurt on one of those one on ones, he needed lengthy treatment and stayed on the pitch for the team. Our Man Of The Match award goes to Keeper Dylan Murphy, well done Dylan. Also special thanks to Sean Murphy and John Cashman for their help setting the Goals etc., good to see parents getting involved, hope more of them do so and they are welcomed warmly and with open arms.


League away to Youghal United on Sunday 1st December 2013
Youghal United 7 Midleton A 0

Magpies Mauled in Youghal. Midleton FC 16A found the unbeaten table toppers a hand full and shipped a sack full of goals. This time the score line does not lie, though we played all the football and held the strong and physical hosts to a respectable 2-0 until half time while playing some smart football and creating a few chances, in the second half our discipline and the attitude of some players let the whole team down and we were rightly punished by a team playing direct football.

Kevin Daly, David Jalill, Owen Cashman, Jack McDonald, Dylan Murphy, Andrew McMahon and the tireless Timmy Abdulla played their heart out and were involved in all the chances we created, Along with Man of the Match James McDonald, who was cool and calm in defence as always, these guys carried the fight to the opposition when others were losing their rag and sulking. Hope the New Year brings better tidings and better attitude from the players. Final score 7-0 to the hosts.


League away to Blarney United A on Sunday 17th November 2013
Blarney United A 0 Midleton A 3

There is no Blarney in this score line, believe me. Midleton U16A turned up in Blarney on a beautiful autumn morning and played some beautiful soccer to match the weather and this time got the result which we richly deserved. The lads got stuck in to it from the moment the ref blew the whistle and adopted to the bouncy pitch and opposition tactics very well and settled down to some nice passing and moving footy on the fast paced astro turf pitch. The two wing backs David Jalill and Dylan Wright were buzzing with incisive passes and runs along the line and combining well with the two wide midfilders Kevin Daly and Eolaan Shanahan. The two centre backs Connor White and James McDonald were rocks in defence, calm and assured, which gave our two centre midfilers to play freely, passing and spraying the ball left, right and forward and the front two of Timmy Abdulla and Connor Smith working tirelessly chasing and harring their back four. After many chances finally the well deserved goal arrived courtesy of a beauty of a chip shot from Eolaan Shanahan, and this time the goalie had no chance. 1-0 to Midleton U16A. Job not done yet.

Second half the lads upped a gear and with fresh legs and a desire to finish the job off we were all over the hosts and we got our second goal through second half sub Jack McDonald, whose power, speed and skill was too much for half the Blarney boys. They started lumping the balls forward and though it created few problems in the bouncy pitch, Connor White and James McDonald were too smart and alert and mopped up any danger and what they could not handle our ever improving goalie Dylan Murphy handled with aplomb. The third goal arrived after yet another passing and moving display involving all our mid field and an easy tap in for a cool as cucumber Connor Meade, his first and lets hope there is plenty more to come. 3-0 to MFC U16A but it was not all over yet, not before we had a few anxious moments and a heavy knock on our Goalie who bravely dived at the foot of their player to make a vital save in the dying moments thus preserving our clean sheet.



League away to Churchvilla on Sunday 10th November 2013
Churchvilla 1 Midleton A 0

Churchvilla Prayers answered. On a wet cold mucky day, MFC U16A traveled to near neighbors Churchvilla,the pitch looked soggy and the grass was well overgrown and we knew it was not going to suit our style of passing football. The ref got lost and ended up in Mallow, what a .., anyway we got the match started with a host officiating and I wish the ref had stayed lost, for starters the host did a better job than the ref when he finally arrived 3 mins before half time and he could not find the dead ball lines either and not for the first time too. Back to the match, we started nervously and once we settled down we played some good passing football retaining the ball and winning it back when we lost it and everything was going to plan when we failed to clear a corner which was parried by our goal keeper and one of their mid fielders lashed it in. Soft goal. 1-0 to Churchvilla at half time.

We started the second half looking for the equaliser and with substitutions started to create a lot of chances and kept the host pinned to their half of the pitch and saw David Jalill flash a shot inches wide of the post and Eolaan Shanahan denied his "Ibra" moment denied by the goal keeper. It was a brilliant over head effort by Eolaan and a brilliant save to match the effort. Soon after we had a free kick just out side their box, when David Jalill was the victim of a studs up two footed lunge and Conor White's effort sailed over the bar and we created many more chance but their goal keeper came to their rescue on numerous occasions. During the closing stages our keeper Dylan Murphy made a brilliant & brave save when up against two players.
Once again cant fault the players commitment and effort with Connor White, being the usual solid, brave and no nonsense approach, James McDonald with a calm assured display, David Jalill and Eolaan Shanahan bombing down the left and right flanks in attack when not defending. Connor Mead with his touch gile and vision, Eowen Cashman forever running and tackling and giving his all are some of the outstanding players. Eolaan Shanahan get the Man of the Match vote this time for his nearly "Ibra" moment. All in all it was a good game enjoyed by all, though we could not unlock their well organised defence, but having said that we nearly did, if only if we had prayed a bit and more harder than Churchvilla.


League away to Carrigaline United A on Sunday 6th October 2013
Carrigaline United A 4 Midleton A 1

Magpies fly into Carrigaline storm. Midleton U16A traveled to Carrigaline looking for their first win of the new season with optimism but it was not to be as we lost out 4-1 after dominating possession and getting hit on he break. We were 1-0 up at the break though we had bucket full of chances as the wind was behind us and were playing down hill on a poor pitch which was deteriorating fast with the wet conditions, we knew we had to make the most of the pitch in the first half as it was going to be a match of two halves and so it proved to be. Going in to the second half with a one nil lead was not enough, which we knew very well and the lads kept up the good passing and movement and created a host of chances and started playing up field which was dangerous what with the wind in your face and up hill, and so it proved as the host hits us on the break and scored four goals all on the break in the second half.

The out standing players of the lot were Connor White, who selflessly went in goal, as our regular goal keeper was out sick, and did a fantastic job, it could have been worse if not for some excellent saves by Connor, David Jalill had a brilliant game in defence as well as in attack and put in some good crosses which were inches away being turned into goals by our forwards, and also tested their goal keeper a few times and warmed his palms on a cold morning, goal scorer Eolaan Shanahan had a good game too and in general the lads had a good game. Connor White shades David Jalill for the man of the match award this time. As the ref said after the match we played the football they got the result, hopefully next time we will get result too.


John Cooke Cup at home to Killnardrish/Coachford on Sunday 29th September 2013
Midleton A 3 Killnardrish/Coachford
A match of two halves and the good the bad and the...... MFC started off like a house on fire and their crisp passing game had the visitors on their back foot and very soon after yet another passing movement we had the ball in the net, after Kevin Daly and left back David Jalill combined to work the ball down the left side and David delivered an inch perfect cross for Timmy Abdulla to tap in, we were 1 up, and at this point if somebody had told me that we would lose in any way never mind the way we did, I would have told that person to get his/her head examined. While we were impressive going forward, passing and moving, we were terrible when we lost the ball and nobody was willing to put in the tackles and win the ball back. We created many chances and played some very nice football but ended the first half 3-4 in favor of the visitors.

The second half was an entirely different ball game, the visitors scored three more goals on the break with not much resistance from us, which is very unlike us and we looked the fresher of the two sides but they were the more hungry side and wanted it more than us. Final score 3-7, pretty football does not give you results unless we are willing to do the hard and not so pretty (tackling) too.


League at home to Watergrasshill on Sunday 15th September 2013
Midleton A 1 Watergrasshill 9

The score line does look very worrying, but its not, considering we played with ten players from the start due to lack of players because of sickness, injury, lack of commitment and other reasons (no forwards either) the lads did themselves proud through their character, spirit and never say die effort, they could have easily downed tools and gone home to their couches and tv games, but no, they said lets give it a "lash".
And a "lash" they gave. They held a strong, athletic and physical side to 2-0 at half time and created a few chances of their own too.

The second half was going to be tough, with not only the players getting tired after their herculean effort in the first half and also things got worse as we were reduced to 9 players as one had to go away to support a fund raising event for Cope foundation, to which he had commited him self to a month ago, well done Kevin Daly. That sums up the spirit and the generosity of this bunch of lads. The 9 lads buckled down and gave their all alas their effort started to take a toll on their limbs and conceded 7 more goals, still they kept going and finished the stronger and gave the visitors a few anxious moments and won a penalty which was well converted by our never say die captain Connor White (who by the way played with a foot injury). Each and every one put their shoulder to the wheel today and every one of them should be proud themselves no matter what the score line was. Among them there were a few out standing performers Connor White, David Jallil, Eolann Shanahan (playing with his injured thigh strapped) and man of the match Barry Keneally (strapped up knee) for his tireless work rate and Cillian Brouder beginning to look like the fantastic player that he was and still can be. Once again well done lads there is plenty of silver lining there.

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