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Players Code of Conduct
All players that represent Midleton FC are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects the traditions of the club. All players must obey the following code of conduct:

  • Play fairly, do your best and have fun
  • Be on your best behaviour at all times
  • Abide by all club rules
  • Respect opponents, they are not the enemy, they are partners in a sporting event
  • Shake hands after the match, whoever wins.
  • Give opponents a hand if they are injured, put the ball out of play so they can get attention
  • Accept apologies from opponents when they are offered
  • Respect fellow team members and support them both when they do well and when things go wrong
  • Treat players from minority groups with the same respect you show other people
  • Be modest in victory and be gracious in defeat- “Be A Sport”.

Soccer skills
Players, see the latest videos for soccer skills tips on the following web-site:

It is extremely import that players of all ages look after their nutrition, before and after games and training. Below is a rough guide to what you should be doing in preparation for a game.

2 days before the game
Water: Begin to hydrate your body, by drinking water regularly during the day.  Always keep a water bottle with you.  Note: Remember the “Pee Test” – your urine should be a pale colour – if it’s dark, you are dehydrated.
Food:  Eat a good balanced diet – no fast food, fizzy drinks, fries or sweets.  Eat plenty Low or medium GI foods – and plenty carbohydrates. Snack regularly on fruit.

1 day before the game
Water: As for the previous day.
Food:  What you eat on the day before the game is probably as important as the day of the game – especially as you will very often have a morning game.  Eat a good dinner, with plenty slow release carbohydrates (wholemeal pasta, brown rice, brown bread, low-fat yoghurt, apples, pears).  Some players cannot eat on the day of a game – a good meal on the evening before (maybe a large bed-time snack) will give a great base.

The day of the game
Water: Hydration is vital on the day of the game.  If you are not properly hydrated, you may well suffer cramps during the game.  Once you are thirsty, it is too late.  Don’t wait to be thirsty during the game.  Drink water on the way to the game.  Ideally drink at least 500 ml of water, 2 hours before the game. Just 5-10 minutes before kick-off, drink about a cup of water. Do not drink isotonic drinks, as these will cause sugar spikes.
Food: You need to eat low or medium GI food before the game.  In the morning, get a good breakfast.  You need to eat about 2 hours before kick-off.  If this is difficult eg. morning game, make sure you had a good meal the previous night, and get a light breakfast, high in carbohydrates.  If the game is later in the day, you should get a good breakfast of low or medium GI food – best to eat porridge.  ABSOLUTELY NO FRY UPS. These cause dehydration, take too long to digest and do not provide the energy required in a game.  Also, don’t eat fish or excessive amounts of dairy products.  Small-medium size meals are best.  At no stage eat sugary foods, as this will cause a sugar high, followed by an energy slump.  If a later kick-off, eat a high carb meal e.g. pasta and chicken, with a tomato sauce.
Then, just before the game (maybe 5-10 minutes before), you can take on some high GI (jaffa cakes, jellies, bananas etc), or only at this point some isotonic drinks.  These will be broken down quickly immediately during exercise.

During the game
Water: At any chance you get during the game (especially on a warm day), get a drink of water i.e. at a major stop in play.  At half-time, again get a good drink of water. Isotonic sports drinks may be taken at this point, but are not really necessary.
Food: At half-time, you can eat some high GI foods (jaffa cakes, jellies, bananas).

After the game
Water: You need to drink water or preferably a high GI sports drink straight after the game to rehydrate as quickly as possible.  This will help the body to recover as quickly as possible.
Food: This is when you should eat some high GI foods, again to help the body recover – your muscles need to replace the glycogen used during the game.  Eat within 30 minutes to an hour after the game (or training).  A good rule is to eat at least two pieces of fruit straight after the game i.e always bring a banana and one other fruit in your gear bag for after training / game. 
Soon after i.e. when the player gets home, a recovery meal should be eaten. This should include protein as well as carbs. Obviously a full dinner is the best thing. However, if this has already been eaten earlier in the day, a pint of milk and a plain meat sandwich, or best of all a bowl of muesli with low-fat milk. In fact, the best recovery drink available is the old fashioned pint of milk, as it has protein, water and carbs.

Additional information
A full guide to nutrition and lifestyle is available from the FAI, and can below downloaded by clicking on the link below.

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